Discover Endesa’s new hybrid work model

Endesa is designing a new working model that combines the best of both formulas, teleworking and face-to-face assistance. Already before the pandemic, 25% of the working population could benefit from teleworking one day a week. In March, the company succeeded, thanks to previous investments and the development of the digitization of its activity, that up to 70% of the workforce could work from home from the very day of the lockout (March 13).

“Currently, and until the health and safety at work of our employees are fully guaranteed, we will continue to telework 50% of the workforce”, explained Paolo Bondi, Managing Director of People and Organizations at Endesa , during his participation in the Enlighted forum – promoted by the Telefónica Foundation, the Business Institute, the Santillana Foundation and the South Summit-.

The leader of Endesa added: “The key, for countries and large companies, is not not to make mistakes, it is not to persist in error: after a first wave, now a second. We must rigorously analyze the data, the causes, study them and learn. Companies which have strong values ​​of responsibility, innovation, agile and strong teams, and which have cutting-edge technological tools, will be able to face this change and this health and economic crisis ”.

Further, he explained, “Endesa has essential workers both in production and in troubleshooting and troubleshooting who cannot work remotely, the people who maintain an essential service for the country, the energy. For them, 30% of the nearly ten thousand employees, health and safety at work is the first thing that is assisted and ensured ”.

For the electricity company, this new work model brought about by the pandemic is based on indicators that Endesa put in place at the start of the pandemic to measure productivity and its quality. The data generated by these measurements are used as a basis for the construction of this new working formula: the most formalized routine activities hardly suffer from teleworking.

Drawing as the key to success

A fundamental key, for Bondi, is to alleviate all that is lost when teams are not in face to face contact with other colleagues, with their bosses, with other departments. Paolo Bondi underlines a reality which, although it can still be debated, he considers as contrasting: “Once it has been verified that the status quo can continue to that have to do with empathy. The importance of this quality marks the success or otherwise of any project started ”.

In addition, the role of public administration is very relevant in the final composition of a commercial fabric that will survive if it knows how to collaborate with the private sector. According to Bondi, “Public-private collaboration shouldn’t be something for now, for now, but for today, tomorrow and forever. If we all read the facts accurately, based on data, minimizing political opinions, we can agree on useful technical solutions ”.

Endesa and the electricity sector, adds the Director General of People and Organizations of Endesa, has another challenge: “This Covid emergency has accelerated the fight against climate change and we can contribute an even greater volume of investments higher than what we are already undertaking. accelerate this change and create jobs. Endesa is used to making a lot of regulated investments, it’s in our DNA, and without a doubt, that’s what we are for ”.

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