Discover four of the most requested profiles for 2021

Over the past year, changes in the workplace have tested the adaptability of businesses. The rise of telework, on occasion, has been a challenge for many companies, which have had to go to great lengths to stay on top of change.

As a direct consequence of this transformation, companies are demanding new profiles to be faced next year. And how could it be otherwise, the most requested are those involved in the digital world; in particular profiles specializing in digital marketing, which are gaining ground compared to the more traditional technological ones.

Selligent Marketing Cloud, a leading marketing automation company that enables B2C brands to communicate with their consumers, has defined the most projected digital profiles for 2021:

Digital Marketing Manager

In an era when everything has gone digital, creating business opportunities through good marketing campaigns has become the preferred strategy for companies to reach their potential customers.

Responding to these needs, the profile of the Digital Marketing Manager slips, one more year, into the list of the most requested professionals, according to the Top 25 Digital Professions 2020 study carried out by Inesdi, which also discussed this year what will be the most demanded jobs in a post-coronavirus world.

In charge of creating and implementing marketing campaigns, this professional must have in-depth knowledge of the company and the sector in which he works in order to adjust the actions of the plan to the scale and target that ‘he wishes to achieve.

“Digital communication is essential today. It is important to offer well-structured marketing plans, focused on the digital world in which we operate. As physical interaction is limited for now, technology for marketing plays a key role. And having experts in this field can make the difference, ”says Rafa Romero, Head of Selligent Marketing Cloud.

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Many companies have had to jump on the digitalization bandwagon in unexpected ways. This has made the conversion process flawed on many occasions. In order to digitally transform companies, the profile of the Chief Digital Officer arises. The main tasks of this professional are creating new business opportunities and offering digital services to clients.

It is very important not to confuse the role of the Chief Digital Officer with that of the Digital Marketing Manager: the CDO focuses on the integration of digital tools in different areas of the company to increase their productivity and profitability.

Artificial intelligence specialist

Artificial intelligence has become a very valuable tool for companies engaged in digital innovation in their various fields. A complex digital tool, which needs a highly qualified professional who knows how to manage it correctly.

The world of digital marketing also knows how to take advantage of the benefits of AI applied to digital campaigns. Above all, to learn about consumer behavior and offer them personalized communications based on their tastes and preferences.

“At Selligent, we apply artificial intelligence and machine learning in our omnichannel campaigns. Our algorithms analyze data in real time, learning insights from consumers, ”comments Rafa Romero, Sales Director of Selligent Marketing Cloud Ibrica. “With tools like Selligent Cortex, which use this type of technology, businesses can get the most out of their customer data to increase conversion and engagement.”

Cloud consultant

Teleworking has also compromised the way businesses operate. And while many companies were already using cloud services to store data, making it easy for all employees to access anytime, anywhere, the shift to telecommuting has spurred the adoption of these types of tools.

In this sense, another of the profiles on the rise is that of Cloud Consultant. This professional must be able to design the best cloud solutions for each organization, also ensuring the proper functioning of the network.

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