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Nawaiam integrates a new digital tool thought and designed for the recruitment of personnel as well as for the internal mapping of work teams, thus facilitating the possibility of buying credits online

BY RRHHDigital, 02:45 – 15 February 2021

We know that the digital age is the common currency, that everything happens there, that its users feel more and more better understood by the screens and, therefore, on the basis of this context, Nawaiama had just incorporated a new digital tool on its website designed and designed for staff recruitment as well as for internal mapping of work teams, thus facilitating the possibility of buying credits online. Personalized, instant and practical service.

It’s the new gamification e-commerce

Everything in his new video game has a why, and that is based on the human need to improve, to be well at work and of course personal. The two are always united. In this sense, the e-commerce platform presents itself as an immediate and practical solution for the human resources professional to purchase credits and test the tool. In cases of more than 20 credits, the system necessarily offers a personal conversation with the sales team, because for Nawaiam it is very important to advise and understand what is the need to provide the best possible service in the particular case of the business.

The purchase options will be 5, the variations are related to the amount of credits and the post-purchase service. This last point offers a variety of analyzes that the Nawaiam dashboard launches. Remember that the game is on the front line, but behind the scenes Nawaiam has a powerful dashboard capable of processing data, cross-referencing it with research, matching the ideal profiles sought and even generating a ranking of talents with the possibility of being chosen by companies.

E-commerce is already part of Nawaiam, it is already in this adventure, which seems to have no limits.

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