Discover how the employee experience has evolved during a year marked by isolation and uncertainty

Discover how the employee experience has evolved during a year marked by isolation and uncertainty

The pandemic has affected people in all areas of their lives. According to CIS data, the health crisis has changed the way of life of 90% of the Spanish population, effects mainly motivated by social limitations, movement restrictions and emotional aspects; in fact, 13% of Spaniards admit to living in fear and 79% feel uncomfortable because they do not know what can happen to their family.

The workplace is no stranger to this reality. Due to the persistence of the health crisis, there are still many workers who have not returned normally to the office and this extension of remote work, as well as the urgency and spontaneity of its application, have consequences in the future. relations between professionals. with your business and, therefore, in the employee experience.

The concept of employee experience refers to all of those factors that influence the bond between the worker and the company. These are emotions and perceptions that go beyond salary, such as the importance of social relations within the company, the interest shown in the staff’s career plan or the management carried out in terms of personal life balance. and professional. According to a study by Deloitte University Press, 77% of Spanish workers consider the trend of this concept to be important or very important, because in practice it will result in an increase in well-being at work and, as a result, better quality of life in the professional and personal sphere.

To strengthen this link, the company must consider the employee’s experience from the cross-functional perspective, from a global vision of the professional’s career. Knowing their needs and meeting them responds to a strategy of loyalty and performance. According to Gartner, supporting and developing the factors that employees value most and need most increases their efficiency by 20%. To improve this internal talent experience, Sodexo Benefits and Incentives analyzes some of the aspects on which teleworking has directly impacted and offers a series of tips to improve them:

Feeling of isolation

Social relations have been affected by the prolongation of remote working due to physical distancing, since teleworking has changed the dynamics of work. In this sense, physical separation and lack of personal contact can negatively affect teamwork as well as the employee experience. According to a report by Emeraude Escapes, 56% of people who telecommute admit that they miss the relationships that are created between colleagues in the office.

The fact of not being in the same space does not give rise to insignificant conversations which are generated spontaneously between colleagues and which allow to know each other beyond the work environment. Encouraging these types of interviews, which create and strengthen personal bonds while strengthening a sense of belonging, should be considered strategically, whether you continue to work remotely or in person, in order to strengthen the relationships between companions. A favorable moment for these situations usually occurs during work breaks, such as the coffee break during lunch, benefits such as the use of the restaurant card will facilitate their development.

Need for digital skills training

The unexpected introduction of remote work and its prolongation over time have highlighted the deficiencies of certain digital skills, generating frustration among those who have undergone them and showing that it is also necessary to be attentive to internal needs. According to data from the World Economic Forum, by 2022, 54% of international workers need to update their skills, in this sense, 52% of companies participating in the Sodexo study consider that training in line will be one of the most requested services by professionals.

Facilitating the acquisition of new knowledge by professionals means investing in the future of the company by betting on their own talent and taking an interest in the career plans of employees. Having a large catalog of training courses that responds to the diversity of interests of professionals increases satisfaction, which influences their experience as an employee, since they feel taken into account.

Difficulty reconciling

Finding work-life balance has been one of the biggest challenges employees faced during the pandemic. This is mainly due to the effects of hyperconnectivity generated above all by the unexpected and improvised implementation of telework and its extension over time. Professionals with children or dependents are those who have suffered the most from these consequences. Aware of this problem, 80% of companies have already implemented, or will do so in response to the effects of the health crisis, measures to make working hours more flexible for mothers and fathers, according to the Sodexo study.

The importance given to work-life balance among professionals is clearly reflected in the Randstad report “Randstad Employer Brand Research 2021”, which indicates that in Spain, 66% of workers consider it to be the second factor to be taken into account , after salary (70%), when selecting a company to work for. Services such as the daycare voucher, already adapted to the digital format, facilitate this balance between family and professional life since it helps the employee to select the center that best meets the needs of his family, which can take his children, up to 3 years, at the daycare of your choice.

Permanent sense of work and digital connection

Teleworking has extended working hours due to hyperconnectivity. This made it difficult to disconnect and generated stress for professionals, a situation that worsened with the extension of telework, negatively affecting the employee experience. Ending the feeling of being connected all day is the reason 61% of companies are already working on after-hours and vacation disconnection programs, according to the Sodexo study.

Encouraging the application of practices that help to detach from the tasks and obligations of work will optimize the relationship between the company and the worker, such as facilitating the use and access to the services of a wide range of gyms and / or physiotherapy centers.

“The rapid implementation of telework management, extended over the past year, has some negative effects on the employee experience due to the multitude of changes it brings to the work system and, also, because of the isolation it generates between the own staff. , ”Said Miriam Martn, Marketing Director of Sodexo.

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