Discover ‘Lder Sherpa’, the new (and unique) book on corporate leadership adapted to times of pandemic

Discover ‘Lder Sherpa’, the new (and unique) book on corporate leadership adapted to times of pandemic

Francisco Javier Cantera, president of Auren Consultores and of the People and Companies Foundation, and Andrs Prez, partner of the Auren people consulting area, have just published ‘Lder Sherpa: higher, further, faster’, an ad hoc book at the time we lived, aimed at leaders and people management professionals in today’s organizations, who must face a unique adventure: reach higher, further and faster than we have had to achieve in the past as professionals and as businesses.

The journey in search of commitment through visionary leaders and Sherpa leaders

The new book “ Lder Sherpa ”, integrated on the subject of management and business, aims to serve as a field of knowledge for leadership when it comes to approaching the organization and management of companies, in taking into account the new post-coronavirus reality. In its 240 pages, Javier Cantera and Andrs Prez reflect on the need for two types of leadership: the visionary and the Sherpa, to face the new reality. In addition, the book contains many curious and funny stories, told with a great mastery of the technique of the story and with a very particular humor, it is undoubtedly the first.

In the chapters of the book ‘Lder Sherpa’, the authors offer several themes and areas of reflection and knowledge:

Suggestions for today’s leader, an extremely genuine human leader. Stories and anecdotes, which dot the work and provoke reflection. Personal experiences of the authors, throughout the more than 25 years that they have been in the profession. Reflections on the future of organizations and the Sherpa leadership model and the visionary leadership they demand. Guidelines for bringing all of the above into the daily life of organizations and the work of leaders. Adventures, among which stand out the adventure of the company and the adventure of living and working in an organization in the present day.

‘Lder Sherpa’, literary novelty within the ‘Neuromanagement’ collection

One of the challenges of the early 21st century is the pervasiveness of accelerated change. Fortunately, neuroscience is also developing at an exponential rate. Both circumstances undoubtedly affect traditional care, the old paradigms are gradually falling to make way for neuromaging.

“Lder Sherpa” thus joins this new collection, Neuromanagement, which will be built with the integration of different sub-collections around a theme: NLP, because it is one of the pioneering techniques that has evolved the best with new management; Coaching and HR After these three steps, others will follow such as Ericksonian Communication, Mindfulness, etc.

Each of these sub-collections is open to different trends and authors who offer new contributions, a new point of view, a new practice or experience, a new research, a new operating model … to be shared in the Spanish-speaking world. . For this reason, the majority will be Spanish-speaking authors, but some classics will also be picked up in other languages ​​which will be translated-adapted to Spanish.

Each sub-collection will be made up of three transversal formats:

Disclosure for an uninitiated reader who is curious and seeks help with personal growth. Manuals or reference guides for students and professionals new to any of these disciplines. Workshops to help trainers and trainers to lead groups, lead working sessions, create learning communities, and transmit and apply – with success and tangible results – the principles, values ​​and methods of each of the specialties.

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