discover new trends from the hands of great business leaders

Access the HR Hybrid Forum video and discover the major trends in the HR and business world of the new reality

This is what leadership should look like in the new reality: discover new trends from the hands of great business leaders

Business leaders such as Manuel Terroba, CEO of BMW Ibrica; Eva Ivars, CEO of Afflelou Espaa; Miguel ngel Rodríguez, CEO of WiZink Bank; and Elena Gmez del Pozuleo, CEO of and President of Womenalia, were the protagonists of the HR Hybrid Forum, the flagship congress of the new reality of the human resources sector and the world of work. These four, together with dozens of professionals and managers in the field of people and business management, analyzed the current keys and future trends in the world of work and the economy.

Terroba, Ibars, Rodrguez and Gmez del Pozuelo participated in the round table entitled “Leadership 4.0: how to lead in the new reality”. They gave their opinion on what leadership should be in the short term, in this new reality as we know the era of the coronavirus. His past experience and business management during the pandemic, as well as the assessment of leadership trends, brought together a new environment, new qualities and a new leadership role that will be fundamental, both on a business and human level.

As an aperitif to the video which you can access by clicking here, we leave you some of the evaluations of these four protagonists in the round table “ Leadership 4.0: how to lead in the new reality ”, moderated by Jaime Sol, partner Manager of People Advisory Services by EY:

Manuel Terroba, CEO of BMW Ibrica

“We had one obsession: developing the ability of our employees to empathize with customers, so that the customer is at the center. We realized that the situation was one of enormous uncertainty and the brands were close to us and helped us to deal with the situation that we went through. In fact, I think we were able to develop it further. Our horizon has narrowed and things that we thought were more sustainable seem less so now. “

Eva Ivars, CEO of Afflelou Spain

“Our teams have three challenges: managing the hybrid environment we find ourselves in, being able to stay true to the decisions we have made and staying agile, and finally, managing this new liquid world and we are the leaders who must mark and differentiate the work environment and personnel. “

Miguel ngel Rodrguez, CEO of WiZink Bank

In times of uncertainty or crisis, there is no doubt that our employees look upwards, towards the leader and here the director of human resources plays a very important role. And the leader must be human: genuine, transparent and empathetic. It helps your teams be ready for whatever happens to them. Many of us have done unthinkable things some time ago. “

Elena Gmez del Pozuelo, CEO of and President of Womenalia

“We need leaders who are very flexible, confident and balanced as people. Ultimately, who are very human leaders.

If you would like to see one of the featured round tables of the HR Hybrid Forum, you can access the video of the event by clicking here

Access the HR Hybrid Forum video

About the HR Hybrid Forum

The HR Hybrid Forum is the star congress of the new reality of the HR sector and the business world which was held last Thursday, October 22, in a hybrid way, with a face-to-face and a virtual part, in order to guarantee the safety of all who attended the event. The latest trends in people and business management at a key time both for businesses and for the world of work and the economy in general were detailed and discussed.

The HR Hybrid Forum has E as main sponsor, Gi Group as Gold Sponsor Plus, Cigna, Personio and Nationale Nederlanden as gold sponsor, ISDI, Cobee, Pleo, Incipy and Compass Group / Eurest as silver sponsor and TAD Producciones, The Digital Workplaces, Coca Cola, Espacio Rastro Madrid and Barn de Salamanca as bronze sponsors. In addition, Coonices the official event agency, BMW Madrides the official car and Eventing and LG are technology sponsors. TheHR Hybrid Forum is organized byRRHHDigital, in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors (AEDRH), institutional sponsor of the congress.

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