discover six basic keys of Glovo, Genially, Grupo Planeta and Actua Solutions


Flexibility, scalability, adaptation to evolution, accessibility, customization …

The rise of e-learning in the new reality: discover six basic keys of Glovo, Genially, Grupo Planeta and Actua Solutions

Representatives from the four companies outline the main characteristics that all eLearning for companies must have and highlight the importance of tools like Totara Talent Experience All this in the webinar “ The Future of E-Learning: What advantages does an open source, flexible and flexible solution offer? customizable in the new reality ‘, organized by Actua Solutions and RRHHDigital last Thursday

BY RRHHDigital, 01:30 – 30 October 2020

In the era of the coronavirus, the era of digitization and the era of distance, education has also been transformed, it has completed a process of adaptation to technology and distance. And it is that the so-called e-learning is, without a doubt, the formative modality of fashion in this new reality, both on a professional and personal level.

Focus on the first, last Thursday, the webinar “ The future of e-learning: what advantages does an open source, flexible and customizable solution offer in the new reality ” in which companies such as Glovo , Grupo Planeta and Genially gave us the keys to online training and they shared their experience with Totara Talent Experience, Actua Solutions’ e-learning platform.

The digital meeting, organized by Actua Solutions and RRHHDigital, had the participation of representatives of the companies mentioned above: Miquel Gmez, Global Training Manager, deGlovo; Margarita Gonzalez del Hierro, Head of Training at Genially; Juan Jos Prieto, Director of Training and Direct Sales Development at Grupo Planeta; and Mario Planas, director of Actua Solutions. Together, they valued, analyzed and revealed the keys to e-learning that the Totara Talent Experience platform possesses:

Flexibility. A buzzword in this new reality. Flexibility and adaptability to different contexts is essential because, ultimately, it seems that we have realized that we are different and that we have different needs and ambitions. Scalability Without a doubt, personal and collective growth is one of the great goals at the work level. For this reason, training tools must be scalable, making it possible to reach new levels and new objectives to allow the aforementioned growth of the employee, both in terms of knowledge and skills Adaptation to evolution. Password. Juan Jos Prieto spoke of adaptation to change but finally preferred to use the word “evolution” which has a more positive denotation. In times of changes, developments, transformations, like the one we are experiencing, that the e-learning platform can adapt to all of this is vital. Customization. Margarita González del Hierro recounted it in her speech. “We were lucky to find Actua Solutions because we wanted something super customizable and there was a lot of effort to get there,” he said. And it is that for companies it is essential to have a personalized interface, adapted to the colors of the company and whose logo and images maintain this link with the employee. Accessibility. Despite being in a global and 100% digital world, not everyone has access to the same media. For this reason, it is important to increase accessibility to training materials, to try to have them in a wide range of devices to ensure that the lessons can come together in the same way. Support. Margarita herself has also pointed this out. “We feel very supported in the process”, desvel. And the point is, the support of the company that develops the platform is essential, both in the technical part and when it comes to providing support and support for any inconvenience.

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