Discover the 17 organizations and professionals recognized as references in the new orientation of the post-Covid workplace

Fundacin Alares awarded them as references in Spain in terms of inclusion and reconciliation

Discover the 17 organizations and professionals recognized as references in the new orientation of the post-Covid workplace

Seventeen organizations and individuals are already the benchmark in Spain in terms of inclusion and conciliation, and they mark the new course in the workplace in the post-COVID era. They are: The companies SAP Espaa, Sandoz Farmacutica, Bravent; the PortAventura Foundation; Len University; and RTVE for its Objective Equality program. In addition, the ALARES Foundation honored politician M Carmen Quintanilla Barba, researchers Ana de la Puebla Pinilla, Luis Gordo and Francisco Jos Sanclemente, actor Octavi Pujades and communicator Miguel ngel Tobas. All of them are an example of empathy and the ability to transform the world of work.

The ALARES Foundation recognized them as “those who are best prepared to successfully face the new post-COVID world of work, by being conciliatory, inclusive and empathetic”.

The short film No me da la vida (Bad) also received the 2021 ALARES Prize. Eleven other entities and companies received their access and special mention such as Quirn Prevencin, Panasonic, Interleo Group, D’Genes, Ignacio Mariscal, Carme Chaparro , the Instituto of Women, the Union of Journalists of Andalusia, the campaign “Turn around: share equality”, the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) and Alejandra Selma Penalva.

The Alares Awards 2021 recognize work in the fields of reconciling family, professional and personal life and promoting co-responsibility and social responsibility of different institutions, companies, social agents, managers and media, among other categories. Javier Benavente Barrn, President of Alares and promoter of the Awards, explained that “only companies which preserve talent, which are able to adapt, to be flexible, to work for the well-being of their teams, to put in the necessary resources and attention, they have enough muscle to achieve their goals ”.

The jury, made up of well-known personalities in the field of conciliation, co-responsibility and social responsibility, chose these entities and social agents taking into account the degree of innovation, the feasibility of the initiatives to be replicated and their impact. social and business.

The hybrid event with hundreds of guests online

Present at the Palacio de Neptuno in Madrid, alongside the winners, Javier Fernndez-Lasquetty, Minister of Finance and Civil Service of the Community of Madrid, Luisa Montesinos Arencibia, Secretary General of Labor and IRSST and the writer, comedian and musician Angel Rielo. Patrons of the Alares Foundation were also present, such as Irene Villa and Cipri Quintas and the Diversity Foundation, such as Eduardo Vizcano and Mercedes Pescador, and other personalities from the business world, such as Eduardo Martn Cardona, CEO of Alares y social . Javier Benavente Barrn, promoter of the first and largest hybrid event on conciliation and social inclusion in 2021, gave an opening talk and Mar Aguilera, Managing Director of Fundacin Alares, led the event.

The awards are co-sponsored by Alares and ActionCare and the collaboration of Sopra HR Software.

The Alares Foundation was created in 2005 to promote economic competitiveness, place people at the center of well-being and stimulate initiatives to improve their quality of life.

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