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In a complex panorama, with widespread job loss in various sectors nationwide, the demand for managerial profiles has increased in companies during the current coronavirus crisis. This is reflected in a study by STANDBY, a headhunting company based in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Malaga, which is a leader in the selection of top executives, with more than 30% of the Andalusian market. According to its activity data, between March and September, the number of applications skyrocketed by nearly 36% (352 applications from new professionals) compared to the same period of the previous year. “We believe this trend will continue for the rest of 2020 and 2021,” explains Pedro Garca, Managing Partner of STANDBY.

Companies are mainly looking for labor lawyers, sales directors and directors and financial and management “controllers”, directors of operations, information systems and purchasing, export and e-commerce experts; as well as the doctors. By function, the most requested are commercial, followed by finance, accounting and administration; management, operations, legal services, human resources, production, marketing, quality, purchasing, procurement and logistics.

The sectors that have requested more managers during this period are those devoted to information technology and telecommunications; followed by legal and professional services, manufacturing and agribusiness, tourism, health, commerce (retail and wholesale), environment (water and energy), construction and transport and logistics, among others.

“We have an increase in requests from companies to address projects such as equality plans, the review of compensation policies and targets, and the search for new performance indicators, among others,” said Pedro Garca, adding : “A lot of companies are looking to improve their human resources policies now that overall activity has declined and they have more time.”

At the same time, there was also a 48% increase (to 14,422) of candidates included in the database of executives interested in changing companies or looking for new professional challenges. “These data, from the perspective of middle and senior managers, show good dynamism in companies that continue to demand middle managers and executives, and that professionals are not afraid to tackle new projects, if they are attractive enough. “

That of managers is a professional segment where Ertes has affected less, since companies, even with minimal activity, need these professionals to manage the present and plan for the future. In some cases there have been partial reductions in hours and wages or the resignation of bonuses, but in most cases the executives have remained bound and engaged with the company.

In the short and medium term, according to STANDBY’s experience and forecasts, the new profiles that the market is already starting to demand, and whose interest will grow in the years to come, are those of those responsible for digital transformation, experts in cultural and talent transformation, in cybersecurity, “big data”, artificial intelligence, regulation and legal, sustainability, risks, “blockchain” and ethical issues.

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