Discover the benefits of Agile transformation to help companies meet the challenges of 2021

Discover the benefits of Agile transformation to help companies meet the challenges of 2021

In 2020, businesses faced one of their biggest enemies – uncertainty. In the case of agile organizations, they have been able to react more quickly to adapt to changes and they have succeeded in a scenario that we cannot predict. But what awaits us in this news 2021? In a VUCA environment, critical behaviors are collaboration, empowerment, a sense of belonging and managing diversity in its broadest sense. And it’s all part of the Agile philosophy that becomes so, in response to the challenges posed by the new year.

But what benefits does Agile transformation bring? According to Flavio Leomil, organizer of the Agile Trends and Agile & DevOps Festival of Santander Corporativo, they are the following:

Focus on the people. Collaborative and multidisciplinary work places talent on processes and organizational charts. Empowerment and motivation. Collaborative work, fluid communication and fair participation of all team members generate autonomy, transparency and accountability among all team members, which empowers and motivates employees. The continuous review model makes it possible to adapt to change faster and more efficiently, finding solutions in the process that minimize the risk of failure. Agile transformation provides a flexible structure that helps deliver versions of projects or services with shorter lead times. Proximity with the customer allows to have a better knowledge of them, bringing a differential added value and generating cost savings.

Festival of agile trends

In order to deepen these advantages; and share solutions to the main challenges in terms of organization, value creation and efficiency, product development and innovation, human resources and culture, from January 25 to 28 will take place the Agile Trends Festival, a free online event, sponsored by Banco Santander and supported by many organizations.

The Festival will benefit from the intervention of international Agile references such as Keynotes, among which Evan Leybourn, founder and CEO of the Business Agility Institute; Mary Poppendieck, author of the book Lean Software Development; Paulo Caroli, creator of Lean Inception, Sarah Elk, author of Doing Agile Right, Pia-Maria Thoren, author of Agile People, and Javier San Flix, Banco Santander SEVP and COO of PagoNxt.

The articles will be translated simultaneously into Spanish and English. In addition, over the four days of the event, more than 60 speakers will take part, practical cases will be presented by companies such as Manpower Group, Endesa, Telefnica, Grupo Santander, Accenture or Everis and various workshops will be organized to exchange knowledge .

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