Discover the cities with professional profiles in the IT space with the highest salaries

Discover the cities with professional profiles in the IT space with the highest salaries

At a time when the labor market is more changeable than ever due to the arrival of COVID, professions related to computer fields are among the most prosperous for new generations to successfully develop their professional careers. Currently, Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga are the cities that concentrate the professionals with the highest salaries in the last quarter of the year, according to data compiled by the Spanish fintech StudentFinance, with salaries between 24,000 and 30,000, during the first year of work.

In this sense, the Data Analytics field stands out as the highest paid in Spain, in the professional profiles of Data Scientist and Data Analyst, with an average salary of € 30,000 and € 24,000 gross per year respectively in the first year, in cities like Barcelona. Next, it is worth highlighting the boom in jobs in the cybersecurity sector in Spain, the most demanded and highest paying jobs being those of cybersecurity analyst and cybersecurity consultant, the former being around 23,000 to 23,500. € gross per year. contract year. Finally, in cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Mlaga, the best paid professional profiles belong to the field of Web Development (Full Stack Developer and Front End Developer) and UX / UI Design (UX / UI Designer), whose salaries range from 20,500. to 22,800 € gross per year the first year.

However, the field of UX / UI design and web development also ranks among the lowest paid jobs in some cities in Spain. Even if, in Barcelona, ​​the professional profile of Graphic Designer tops the list with the worst average salary in the IT field (€ 14,400 gross per year the first year), followed by Seville, with the profile of Front End Developer (15,200 € gross annually during the first year) and Valencia, with Full Stack developer jobs.

StudentFinance as a driving force to accelerate salary increases

The data collected by the Spanish fintech also reveals the evolution of salaries before and after completing a course, program or master’s degree. According to data collected by the company, 80% of those surveyed experienced a salary increase after completing a program funded by StudentFinance. In general, the average total salaries of respondents increased by 88% after graduation.

As an example of this business progression, it is worth highlighting the testimony of Anayd Soto, who saw his salary increase by 60% after having passed through the Ironhack school: “Thanks to the support of StudentFinance I was able to quit my old job and bet on a full time one, something that otherwise, even with a traditional loan, I wouldn’t have been able to do. Thanks to the exceptional follow-up that they bring to the job search process once the course is over, I was able to find my current job where all my working conditions have improved ”.

Similarly, Gérard Calvet, whose salary has increased by 125% since studying for the UX / UI Design course thanks to StudentFinance, declares that “my work situation has improved a lot, it allowed me to leave the sector of hospitality and start to grow. in my new sector. I have a better salary and better prospects for the future, professionally speaking ”.

According to Mariano Kostelec himself, CEO of StudentFinance, “our business model helps people access education by funding technological studies, among other things, on the basis of an Income Sharing Agreement System (ISA) , which offers the student the possibility of paying for their studies once they have found a job and as long as their salary is above the minimum income threshold ”.

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