Discover the curious initiatives of this company in its commitment to permanent teleworking

Discover the curious initiatives of this company in its commitment to permanent teleworking

Since the arrival of the coronavirus in March, there have been many changes in society. Companies have had to change their working models in order to continue offering their services.

The digitization of companies that were not present on the Internet and the teleworking for companies that can achieve it are two of the big changes experienced.

From SEO in a Click, a web design company, they chose to go indefinitely on telecommuting because they see telecommuting not as a vacation, but another place from which to do daily work and, if possible, all positions of the company, bet on it.

Marta Ciruelos, CEO of SEO in a Click, comments “for us teleworking is essential as part of our team lives outside of Madrid, where we have our head office. As is possible for all of the company’s employees, we have chosen to offer teleworking to everyone, and to go to the office only when necessary ”.

For teleworking to be productive, it is important to follow a series of recommendations:

Set the alarm clock as if you had to go to the office

Establish a routine and get up at a reasonable time to start the workday as if it were in the office.

Take off the pajamas and ‘get ready’ for work

It is not necessary to wear makeup like a door or put on stilettos, but it is essential to take off your pajamas and put on comfortable clothes, causing a change in the brain so that it does not put on loop.

Choose a comfortable space

The space chosen to work is very important, find a quiet space with light and space to help with the execution of tasks.

Organize the agenda

Before starting work, organize the tasks to be performed during the day and set daily schedules and goals.

Keep in touch with other colleagues

Even if you don’t have physical contact with your coworkers, it is good to be in touch through platforms like Skype, WhatsApp, hangouts, etc.

Separate leisure from professional obligations

Telecommuting offers flexibility, but you don’t have to invest your working time in leisure or vice versa.

Rest every 2 hours

Take a 5 minute break every 2 hours to stretch your legs and relax your muscles.

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