Discover the first e-learning platform for the cultural transformation of companies in the post-COVID-19 era

Discover the first e-learning platform for the cultural transformation of companies in the post-COVID-19 era

We live in an age where the ways of working, thinking, leading, communicating and business models are changing. A change that was already underway and which, with the arrival of COVID, has accelerated at breakneck speed. In this context, Mutabilia was born, the first platform that offers an experience of online micro-learning in cultural transformation from the hand of 60 great experts and professionals from Spain and Latin America who have led processes of change management in their organizations.

Created by Cristina Salvador, founder of the communication agency Both People & Comms, the new platform is based on a 100% digital and totally flexible format composed of 15-minute micro-learning capsules and live webinars with teachers, that students can easily adapt to your routine. without compromising your workday or your lifestyle.

Driven by technology, Mutabilia is reinventing the training of professionals by offering them an innovative teaching model that is much faster, cheaper, more efficient and up-to-date than that offered by traditional training.

The e-learning program lasts three months and provides participants – Mutabiliens – with everything they need to know how to be agents of change in their organizations. The program is comprised of seven modules: Mindset Management, Purpose and Sustainability, Thinking Differently, Change Management, Leadership, People and Communication.

Through them, 60 expert consultants and managers of large companies, organizations and startups plunge into the profound transformation that companies and their professionals must lead to ensure a future in an economic environment that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (said VUCA, in its acronym in English).

The changes that organizations are facing today represent a profound transformation of their corporate culture, which goes far beyond the simple digital and encompasses a change in mentality, management and, more specifically, a real revolution in the way which they work. That we organize, collaborate with each other and communicate.

Corporate culture is decisive in the success or failure of a company, because it directly influences the attitude and performance of its employees. As Peter Drucker, father of management, said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” because it is the set of beliefs, values, customs and practices of a group of people. that make up an organization.

All organizations are undergoing profound changes today, and this is the most important challenge facing them to ensure their meaning, their survival and their differentiation. There is no change possible without going through culture, through people. And there is no change possible if there is no one capable of leading it. Mutabilia, in Latin, means the ability to generate change. In just 3 months and a 100% online program, mutabilists will learn to drive change in their organizations.

In this sense, Mutabilia trains its students to work in collaborative environments, helping them to develop the soft skills that will allow them to deploy the social skills necessary today for teamwork and training them in flexible project management methodologies.

Case studies of the most relevant companies

For this, the project has the best case studies from some of the most relevant organizations in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, including Vodafone, Everis, Telefonica, Uriach, DKV, Abbott, Sanofi, Securitas, Oracle, Cofidis, Danone or Naturgy, among others.

The faculty (or apprentices Mutabilia) includes Iigo Manso from BChange; Mar Alarcn, of Social Car; Nacho Villoch, of BBVA; Ana Fernndez, from Vueling; Philippe Delespesse, from Creative Intelligence; Dante Cacciatore, of Telefnica; Jordi Garriga, from eMotiva; Miguel Castro, from SAP; Oriol Segarra, from Uriach; Eva Blanco, from HP; Albert Caigueral, of Future of Work; Francisco Vzquez, from the 3G Smart Group; Bea Vila, from Ferrer; David Reyero, of Sanofi; or Cristina Cabeza, from Everis.

Throughout the course, they will share their experience in making change work and sustaining cultural transformation, revealing how a process like this is designed to generate resilient organizations with a holistic view of business, processes, and people.

Participants will discover agility, diversity and inclusion, the measurement of intangibles, new business spaces, digital humanism and will also receive training on communication and how to make it a key lever to transform the culture of ‘business.

The first class will start the course on March 1 and, over 100 hours of classes, its students will achieve a high degree of specialization through an eminently practical method, based on workshops and analyzes of real cases.

Participants will also have the opportunity to establish links with the experts who teach the course and with other students, thus expanding their network of professional contacts and becoming part of an active and restless professional community.

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