Discover the first ‘Zero Covid’ tables that prevent the spread of the coronavirus

The Spanish office furniture company Ofita has started manufacturing tables with a coating with viricidal, bactericidal and fungicidal properties, which prevents the spread of Covid through contact with surfaces, for periods of more than two years under conditions of correct maintenance.

The effect is permanent as long as the coating remains on the treated surface and the care and cleaning are done with neutral soaps, without the need to use disinfectants or aggressive products for the environment.

Umbrella Technologies, a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of products based on nanotechnologies, is the one that developed this coating. Its effectiveness is certified by Virnostica, of the Carlos III Health Institute, and it has been tested with strains of SARS COV 2 and an effectiveness of 99.99%.

Ofita has the exclusivity of this product in Spain and France. “This coating is a unique step in the challenge of making offices safer against the coronavirus. For this reason, we are extremely pleased to be able to offer our customers a solution capable of creating a barrier effect that cancels out the viral load it can have. and prevents it from becoming infected even if the virus is deposited there repeatedly ”, explains Camilo Agromayor, General Manager of Ofita. “This protection is the guarantee of greater security both in individual workstations and – and above all – in common spaces, such as meeting tables shared by different people,” he adds.

Umbrella Zero is a surface treatment with viricidal and bactericidal properties, which destroys both Sars Cov2-type viruses and E. coli-type bacteria. It consists of a layer of half a micron thickness fixed on the material, with a bioactive agent – silver nanoparticles among others – which, in contact with a bacterium, a virus or a fungus, pierces the cell membrane and kills it quickly.

“In addition, its high performance with a single application makes the implementation of hygiene and control measures cheaper in public spaces and reduces costs in companies, as it reduces the need for care and maintenance of materials, permanently ensuring a surface protected against COVID19 and other possible infections, ”according to Camilo Agromayor.

Umbrella Zero also has the certificate of non-migration and food contact under the resolution CM / Res (2013) 9 of the Council of Europe on metals and alloys used in materials and articles in contact with food and FDA generally recognized as safe (GRAS), tests carried out by the reference laboratory and with more technical means of Intertek in Hong Kong.

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