Discover the industry’s first ODD compliance monitoring and measurement solution

Discover the industry’s first ODD compliance monitoring and measurement solution

T-Systems, a technological services subsidiary of the Deutsche Telekom group, presented Syrah Sustainability (Syrah), the first solution for monitoring and measuring compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), for public and private organizations, on the market .

Syrah makes it easy for those responsible for corporate social responsibility (CSR) sustainability strategies to know how the different strategies and tactics related to each SDG are working, which need to be reviewed or, if there is a striking change in the process. one of them helps to understand why the change is due. Since the publication of the 17 SDGs by the UN in 2015, it is the first standardized solution, which combines a technological platform with advisory services to help businesses and public administrations define the most important sources of information. appropriate and provides real-time information on the development level of each strategy.

This solution introduces a change in the management of CSR and sustainability strategies, helping to transform measures that do not deliver the expected results to improve, and avoids focusing on the processes to adapt the results obtained, as it happens. currently doing. .

Innovation with a Spanish label to be more sustainable

Syrah is a solution developed in Spain, through co-creation and collaboration sessions with around twenty municipalities throughout Spain, in which the T-Systems team of experts was able to understand the monitoring needs and challenges in decision making. define the most appropriate indicators.

As a result, Syrah follows the “one-size-fits-all” philosophy promoted by T-Systems, which uses real data from integrated sources with automatic updating, to simplify and establish standardized processes, which can be tailored to the goals of each company. , know the status and evolution of compliance with sustainability commitments according to official indicators at local, regional, national and international levels. The system provides, among other things, information on the state of the company’s carbon footprint.

Syrah is an advanced dashboard, integrated by a customizable web portal for each company, which allows you to combine Cloud and IoT technologies with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, for the collection, storage and processing of data. , and the creation of predictor models that allow simulating the impact of undertaking certain strategies, such as the impact of the use of renewable energies in certain services, both in the company and in society.

The solution also makes it possible to make comparisons of the degree of compliance with the SDGs between companies, or between the different headquarters of the same company. From the point of view of the public sector, Syrah allows the comparison between similar cities by location, industrial activity, size … As well as the crossing of information between the Municipal Action Plan (PAM) with the SDG indicators, facilitating a world city government vision.

The next step, which T-Systems is already working on, is to create a certification model of the data collection and analysis process, which currently does not exist, to offer even more guarantees and transparency to its customers.

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