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This atypical little indie game published by Thunderful Publishing teaches you how to master the art of saying “NO”. A postulate with strong comic potential, which nevertheless hides a deeper reflection and a unique experience. This very colorful little indie game, developed by Studio Fizbin, offers a very special concept. Indeed, in Say No! Rather, you play a somewhat abused intern who is mistaken for the servant on duty by his superiors. Too nice so far and you didn’t want to make waves, you accepted even the most inappropriate requests without flinching. But that will change now! The object of this game is to say “NO” in many different ways. “No”, “No”, “い い え” … You can decline suggestions from your colleagues in different languages. And to vary a little more, your “NO” may be declined depending on how you feel. An angry or happy “NO” does not have the same effect as a sarcastic or sad “NO”. You will also learn to take various actions to deceive your colleagues so that they do not expect your best “NO”. As you have probably understood, the art of saying “NO” will soon no longer be a secret for all Say No players! This adventure is certainly fun, but also leads to reflection on the world of work, friendship and social rules. A very unusual experience that leaves no one unmoved. Say no! More is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, and iOS. From meakaya, writing MP

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