discover the keys and the latest trends in corporate training

Discover the latest trends from experts from companies such as EY, BBVA, Heineken or Domus Vi

Training, protagonist of the “ year of the pandemic ”: discover the keys and the latest trends in corporate training

The year lived, the last 365 days that have passed since March 2020, can have endless qualifications. Some call it the year of the coronavirus; others in the year of the pandemic; the year of the state of alarm, the year of childbirth … By applying it to the world of work we can speak of the year of telework, the year of health, of year of full digitization and, of course, the year of training. Company training has crept into the protagonists of recent months in the world of work, in the work and business environment.

And it is that the training and development of employees has undergone an unprecedented impetus, a tsunami of change, mostly positive, that has come to last. Among them, we can comment on the implementation of e-learning, the almost total digitization of education and, of course, the need for training and development of employees and companies. On the one hand, companies and employees have tried to continue their training to acquire new knowledge and skills that have become essential today. On the other hand, the large number of regulations and measures to which the workforce has had to adapt has also necessitated comprehensive, efficient and rapid application training processes. So, we can honestly say that it has been a difficult year for corporate training services.

For this reason, Speexx, a leading company in online training for businesses, and RRHHDigital are organizing the webinar “ Business training trends for 2021: the year of requalification and upgrading of skills ”. From the hand of great experts in the field of top-level corporate learning, we will discover the latest trends in corporate training and the essential aspects when implementing a learning strategy in companies :

Steps to follow to carry out an in-company training plan Reach a high level of participation and high efficiency Discover how the adaptation to e-learning should be Training as an employer brand tool The need for training and personal and professional development of collaborators

Together with Elena Gimnez, Managing Director of Speexx, they will be, as we have already said, experts in starting a business of high-level entities. We will have Natalia Grijalba, Head of Learning at EY; Andrea Varela, director of training, selection and development of Domus VI; Pablo Flores, Head of Leadership, Talent and Rewards at Heineken; and Javier Bello, Head of Learning at BBVA Espaa.

The virtual meeting will take place on Thursday March 18 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. and you can register by clicking here.

Click here to register for the webinar “ Trends in corporate training for 2021: the year of requalification and upgrading of skills ”

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