Discover the keys to a successful selection process for an IT position


Discover the keys to a successful selection process for an IT position

The selection of an Artificial Intelligence profile is faced with an increasingly complex challenge: finding talents who meet the needs of an increasingly digital market and dependent on technology professionals.

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 a.m. – March 24, 2021

The tech industry is booming and the demand for these types of skills is increasing. The selection of an IT profile is faced with an increasingly complex challenge: finding talented people who meet the needs of an increasingly digital market and dependent on technology professionals. In this sense, the Spanish fintech StudentFinance, in its commitment to the development of digitization, tells us what a selection process looks like in this area, where the candidate will have to face different technical phases, and gives us the keys to do so. in the most efficient way:

Technical evaluation: this sector is very evolving, it is in this phase to analyze that the candidate is up to date in terms of knowledge required by the technology market. For this, practical tests will be carried out where the candidate will have to face real cases where he will test his knowledge and mastery of the tools used in processes involving large volumes of data, such as obtaining images of 1 million of websites in about milliseconds. First interview: only 30% are able to pass the previous phase and access the first interview. After demonstrating that the candidates have a very good knowledge of the technologies and tools used, it is time to get to know the candidates in depth, to investigate their professional trajectory, their experience, their personal skills, etc. Practical case: the candidates who behaved positively in the previous phases, will be able to take the in-depth technical test, which is a practical case, focused on the specific technologies and tools required for each position. Cultural interview: only 10% of initial applicants will reach this stage. After demonstrating all their technical skills, candidates will be exposed to an interview that aims to get to know the candidate personally and to study whether they fit well into the culture of the company. This phase is also very important, as it is possible that a candidate will be rejected for adaptation to cultural values.

Given the high demand for technical profiles and the limited availability of professionals, recruiting technicians face the difficult challenge of attracting talent in this field. In this sense, within the fintech HR department, they are experts in working with this type of profile, through their relationship with the main schools on the international scene that offer this type of training. For this reason and their experience, they give us some advice to manage the different phases of the process:

Read the full job description: it is important to take the time to ensure that you meet the requirements and uses of each of the technologies or tools mentioned, which you should familiarize yourself with for the technical assessment and during the immersion deep technique. Prepare for the interview: in addition to showing your skills with technologies, it will be important to explain the experience that you can bring and to be able to explain all the work and projects carried out with sufficient detail and fluidity , so that you can understand the level of complexity of these technological challenges. Explain los detalles sobre las tecnologas: no bastar con saber realizar la parte prctica, sino tambin saber explicar el uso de cada una de las herramientasnecesarias para el puesto de trabajo en s, desde las definiciones acadmicas hasta el uso y beneficios de estas en real. Make sure you stick to soft skills: In addition to technical skills, these types of projects require specific skills like analytical vision, insight, and high resilience, among others. Showing that you have each of these skills will be essential to stand out from the rest of the applicants.

According to Sergio Pereira, CTO of StudentFinance, “our processes require engineers with very strong technical profiles, because the level of technological sophistication is high and the data flows are quite sensitive. In addition, given that job postings currently offer remote mode, it is important to ensure the promotion of a strong culture of communication, empathy and accountability. These are the key traits that we look for in our candidates ”.

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