Discover the keys to digitization as a lifeline in HR management

The digital sector and, consequently, digitization, are in a moment of unstoppable expansion in the labor market. With the arrival of COVID-19, technology has reached its peak to date, a climax where technology and automation have today become major players at all levels, including the resource sector.

The use and use of technology in this specific department is already a priority, as it facilitates the optimization and improvement of the performance and well-being of employees and everything that encompasses people management. In view of this statement, what are the keys to digitization as an anchor in HR management?

To answer these questions and shed light on the many questions they are considering around the digitization of businesses, Personio and HRDigital are organizing the webinar “ How digitalization can help businesses manage HR ” tomorrow, Thursday April 8, at 10 a.m. at 11 o’clock. In it, the keys will be given on how the digitization of people management should be developed and what are the benefits of digital transformation in the sector. Above all, he will try to value technology, but always being aware that people are the biggest influence on the success of any business. Therefore, maintaining the human factor and the importance of people is essential even in the midst of digital transformation.

This digital meeting will have Pablo Corman, Personio HR Solutions Specialist, as keynote speaker and Adrin Gonzlez, Editor-in-Chief of RRHHDigital, will accompany him in the moderation tasks. Of course, the webinar will have a final space for questions from participants.

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