Discover the keys to transforming organizations after the pandemic

The Fundaci Factor Hum presented ‘L’onoma e (k) in the digital paradigm’, an act that deepened both the management of HR departments in the pandemic scenario, and the economic recovery after the current crisis, in focusing on the so-called “K-shaped economic recovery”, in which some sectors are recovering rapidly while others remain stuck in a negative situation.

The event, held in the Koin room of the UPF Barcelona School of Management, was able to be followed in person and online and included a masterclass from Gens Roca, specialist in business transformation processes, development commercial and digital culture, which revealed the keys to understanding the situation in which companies find themselves, after the pandemic, in terms of digital processes and adaptation to new technologies. Within this framework, Roca analyzed the growing need of companies to adapt to the digital age, by creating a game with the letter “K”, which for him refers to “change and revolution”.

This expert in economics is very clear on this subject: “technology goes very quickly and companies must (k) recer, (k) organize, (k) change, (k) develop, always with you (K) and build ( k) confidence across the sea (k) a ”. He also added that “all of this has to be done with the human factor, because digital transformation is cultural transformation and technologies are just the excuse, while the challenge is for teams of people to be ready to do the same. things differently “. .

Three models of successful people management

After Gens Roca’s inspiring presentation, the event continued with the intervention of representatives of the companies MC Mutual, Saba Infraestructuras and everis, finalists of the Impact Award of the Fundaci, who explained their experiences of the departments of human resources during the pandemic. , as well as the new working formulas that emerged following the first confinement and which are now part of our lives.

Silvia Sousa, Digital Strategy & Technology partner at everis technology consulting, explained how she led the talent protection committee for everis Spain, an organization created in the midst of a pandemic to manage the complex situation, with values ​​such as transparency, sincerity, ethics and respect. “We activate a measurement log and constantly communicate with all the teams to foster a positive work environment,” he commented.

On the other hand, Olga Rodríguez, attached to the People’s Department of the mutual employee of the Social Security MC Mutuelle, explained how they had to transform the Barcelona clinic into a care center for people sick with Covid-19. Rodrguez pointed out in his speech: “We sent 1,271 people to telecommute, but we also had an avalanche of demands for economic benefits from the more than 100,000 freelancers who were working for us. And, finally, we had to face the situation of mourning in the clinics and with the families of our workers ”. For this people management professional, “now, we are approaching a hybrid work model and we must support people in this cultural change”.

And, to finish this section of the event, Clara Alonso, director of people and organization of the mobility services company Saba Infraestructuras, explained that the activity of this company fell by more than 90% in the middle. of the pandemic, which is why they had to reinvent themselves. Alonso also recounted, visibly moved, how they had to overcome after losing a team member to Covid-19. Nevertheless, it was positive: “this crisis has become an opportunity to grow, to change, to improve”, and it reminded one of the great values ​​of Saba: “we put people at the center, by working for and for them ”.

Innovation is in people

Xavier Marcet, President of Lead to Change, opened the moment of the debate of the event, through a virtual intervention, in which he contributed his knowledge on innovation in companies, focusing on people. For Marcet, “innovation is in the eyes of the people, not in the technologies”.

After a rich debate, moderated by Victor Costa, economist and director of Via Empresa, who also hosted the event, the closing moment has arrived, led by Anna Forns, director of the Foundation. Forns explained how the Foundation devotes its efforts to “promoting a more human outlook on organizations, something more necessary than ever to overcome the pandemic situation”. He also recalled that “HR departments have more than ever a preponderant place and the social role of companies must be recognized, by promoting, thanking and making visible those who do things well”.

In this sense, he indicated that the Foundation would award the Factor Hum Awards on July 7, which aim to reward companies which, among other things, have distinguished themselves by values ​​such as human outlook, innovation and global vision. Awards that have been consolidated as a benchmark for business class and people management in Catalonia.

Finally, the director recalled that, among many other surprises, the gala will be hosted by actor, presenter and comedian Pep Plaza. “We will also present the Manifesto II on the Human Factor and we will have a talk by writer, broadcaster and philosopher Elsa Punset,” Forns concluded.

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