discover the latest prevention trend for offices

Anti-Covid furniture: discover the latest prevention trend for offices

Occupational health has become an essential factor for any business. A care that can be achieved with the distribution of space, with the type of furniture and also with the materials used in the workspaces and common areas.

Actiu, a leading Spanish company in the design and manufacture of furniture for workspaces and hotels, incorporates options in its offered fabrics that reduce the concentration of viruses and ensure more hygienic spaces in any environment.

Pathogen-free environment

Concretely, the Valencia fabric collection from the firm Spradling®, which can be incorporated into lines of soft chairs, collective chairs as well as high-performance operating chairs from Actiu, is covered with Permablok3®, a protector developed to generate a barrier resistant. and efficient.

This coating keeps the concentration of germs low, in addition to preventing the growth of fungi and molds that can cause allergic reactions on the skin. Concerning the virucidal activity of the Coronavirus, it ensures with the ISO 18184 certification the reduction of its presence by more than 90% during the first hour of contact and with the ISO 21702 the reduction of 99.9% of the virus activity. during the first 24 hours of surface exposure. All of this has been tested with material exposed to a Coronavirus with a structure and mechanisms similar to SARS-Cov2, according to studies by Spradling®. It also allows padded surfaces without bacteria according to ISO 22196 certification.

To its anti-germs ability, this technical solution also adds ease of cleaning using only a damp cloth and mild soap. In this way, the durability and strength of the padded surfaces are facilitated.

Safe and comfortable workspaces

Health translates into physical and mental well-being and companies need to ensure healthy environments for their teams. For Actiu, people are at the center of its design strategy and its permanent search for well-being based on research and innovation in materials.

The incorporation of these materials is part of Actiu’s philosophy and represents another step towards creating comfortable and safe workspaces that enhance the efficiency and talent of people.

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