Discover the manifesto ‘The company of 2021’ published by Great Place to Work

In March 2020, COVID-19 entered our lives and, with it, a new horizon in the management of our businesses. Uncertainty and the need to adapt to the new rules of the game are now part of our daily life and our coffee conversations.

How to survive and get out of this situation successfully?

In this context, Great Place To Work, the leading consultancy firm in the identification and certification of excellent workplaces, publishes the Manifesto: The company of 2021. The study has the collaboration of companies certified according to the methodology counseling, with the objective of understanding their degree of recovery, the difficulties and challenges they face in this new scenario.

This document brings together the conclusions obtained, as well as the initiatives and practices implemented by leading companies in people management.

The challenges of adaptation 2021

Ensure the safety and health of people by welcoming the new normal,

the companies studied adopted various measures. The hybrid model, which accommodates remote and face-to-face work, has been one of the most common formulas. In this sense, organizations like Admiral Seguros have chosen to quickly modify the facilities. According to Isabel Arribas, employee experience manager at Admiral Seguros, “We have worked rigorously to comply with health and safety issues, so that when we return we can all feel calm, implementing systems of approach to all access, analyzed and implemented possible improvements in integrated controls and more efficient consumption, review our ergonomics / comfort “We are now creating new spaces more suited to coworking, creativity, personal meetings, etc.” Arribas concludes.


When it comes to business-oriented policies, the study highlights investment in business data projects. It is necessary to give more relevance to the figure of the business analyst or market researcher, because the world is changing at breakneck speed and it is necessary to have people within the team concentrated on understanding these changes to better adapt.

In order to contribute to the success of the company, the establishment of a transparent communication ecosystem that guarantees a shared vision of the purpose of the company and its short and long term strategy is gaining importance. .

The study also highlights the development of new working methodologies that companies are implementing, to speed up response times and ensure total customer coverage, taking into account that they have also experienced a change in paradigm.


In this new scenario, the need for leaders to be the engines of digital change is evident. However, the creation of co-responsibility among the employee himself, who will also be the protagonist of the change, is also relevant, by seeking a balance between profit and business.

The companies questioned advocate a concept of teleworking that includes internal communication in remote boarding processes. In addition to the flexibility to adapt to office / home work needs, flexible hours (4 days a week).

Digital skills are essential for all employees and it is important that they know them. The study includes Best Practices, such as the one implemented by Vodafone You Can Be Digital, which was created to empower employees to know their strengths and develop the skills they need most.


In those moments, we all learned the importance of putting the well-being and care of people at the center.

The companies interviewed for this study are committed to individualized psychological support, the promotion of proximity, especially in difficult times, and total flexibility in specific requests. In these circumstances, initiatives that promote the health and well-being of employees and their families have multiplied: medical insurance, games to eradicate a sedentary lifestyle or benefits to promote healthy eating.

Among the best practices, the study includes the initiative of companies that prepare an annual internal study to identify the information needs of employees and assess the interest aroused by the news shared on their intranet. Or storytelling strategies in the selection process, focused on telling candidates how their people manage to develop personally and professionally by working on them, and providing metrics on how they value the company as a as workplace.

“Our experience, reinforced by our studies of previous crises, leads us to believe that companies achieve a rapid and rapid recovery with a strategy of putting people at the center of people. Explains Mara Vento, director of cultural diagnosis and ranking of the best places to work at Great Place To Work. “Now more than ever, it is essential to gather ideas from people and rely on their commitment to reinvent business models and create new ways to add value to customers”

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