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When we think of the word “motorhome”, travel, freedom, but also a juggernaut of the road come to mind! Most motorhomes have features that are all more ingenious than the others. Unless you’re traveling in a ’70s VAN or turning an old kangoo into an RV!

If you believe a recently published video by the Swiss manufacturer Micro-Mobility, it would also be possible to travel alone, in a mini motorhome … electric! If you’re not packing too much luggage, which you can’t imagine traveling around France, the Microlino might be for you! Presentation.

What is the Microlino camper?

Even if Micro-Mobility presents its Microlino as a motorhome, we are far from a luxurious machine that can accommodate a whole family. With this you have to travel alone and protect your car. Three years ago, the Swiss brand presented its concept that it is still difficult to qualify as a motorhome!

The Microlino, on the other hand, never saw the light of day, Micro-Mobility prefers a second version. This version is expected to see the light of day at the end of 2021. According to designer Ozan Kayikci, the idea of ​​the Microlino camper is to be able to use his electric car all week. Then to be able to go on weekends thanks to his transformation. And even if it’s simple convenience, everything you need is there!

And inside?

At the back there is a kitchen area that becomes a mobile home. For sleeping it is apparently calculated for two people … Warning, at 1.95m it can get complicated anyway! And for the “small” luggage it will be old-fashioned on the roof, unless you are really only going for a short weekend.

Quite a surprising concept! Photo credit: Ozan Kayıkcı / Behance

The Microlino as an everyday vehicle. Basically, we like the idea of ​​the pollutant-free mini motorhome, which enables short short breaks … We are less convinced of the shape! In the end it stays very small … and setting up the tent next to the vehicle is almost the same!

Which driver’s licenses to drive a motorhome?

If the question does not arise for the Microlino, some motorhome models need a little more than the driver’s license B. In a special article, the website The Federation of Campers, Caravanners and Motorhomes reminds you of the essential rules:

With the driving license B you can drive all vehicles, including motorhomes with a weight of less than 3.5 tons.

However, there are three different mentions:

The 96 is required if you want to drive a vehicle + a trailer with a gross vehicle weight of over 750 kg. However, the permissible total weight of the assembly (towing vehicle + trailer) must not exceed 4,250 kg. You get this mention after a 7-hour driving school training. The BE license, which entitles the driver to drive a vehicle + trailer with a PTAC between 750 kg and 4250 kg. The C1 license, which entitles you to drive a vehicle with a PTAC between 3.5 and 7.5 tons. It is also possible to add a trailer of 750 kg.

Exception to entry 79

“Mention 79 for the B driving license is specific to the ordinance of July 15, 2009. It entitles owners of this category to drive a motorhome with a gross vehicle weight of more than 3.5 tons. The only condition is that you obtained your driver’s license before January 20th, 1975.

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