Discover the most demanded jobs in digital marketing

The world of digital marketing is booming, which has a positive influence on the increase in job offers for certain professional profiles. To access these jobs, it is essential to have advanced training both in digital marketing and in its various areas of specialization. To do this, we recommend that you take a look at the digital marketing training courses of Experts Academy, a business school that prepares its students so that they can enter directly into the world of work and into the daily life of a marketing agency. digital. .

Here we discuss some of the most requested positions in digital marketing.

Growth Marketing Director

It is one of the most requested profiles in the world of digital marketing. Its role is based on the construction of sustainable, profitable, reproducible and lasting marketing strategies aimed at the growth of the company. The salary of a Growth Marketing Director can vary between € 45,000 and € 60,000 per year.

Marketing Director

People who occupy the position of Chief Marketing Officer, also known as CMO, are characterized by great adaptability, as they have to work with different areas of the company. They must therefore be very versatile people and adapt to the specific contextual needs of each moment.

The CMO of a company will have to deal with areas as different as sales, advertising or product development, among others. Therefore, this professional profile must have a great mastery of digital skills and have a global and holistic business vision.

Digital project manager

The digital project manager will be responsible for leading the entire digitization process of a company, so their job will be more demanding when the digital level of the company is lower. This profile will be in charge of directing the marketing actions of the company, so you will need to design them in advance and then ensure that they are carried out effectively. This position is the bridge that companies establish between the business area and the marketing area.

ESport Marketing

The world of eSports entered digital marketing on a solid foundation. Currently, it is one of the sectors with the greatest engagement capacity and the highest conversion rates.

The key to its success lies in the generation of storytelling built from effective strategies in order to achieve its objectives. In that sense, those responsible for generating this transmedia narrative are sports marketing professionals, in high demand in online sport and related industries.

SEM and SEO specialist

The functions of SEM and SEO specialists are essential for the proper functioning of a business, since they are responsible for its appearance in the highest positions of search engines. More specifically, the SEM Manager works with the aim of improving the positioning of your business through the services offered by various search engines, such as Google Adwords.

On the other hand, the function of the SEO Manager is to improve the organic positioning of the company, that is to say to improve the search results in which the company has not invested money, only by creating content based on how certain algorithms work. In general, it is usually the same person who develops both roles within a company.

E-commerce manager

The ecommerce manager is responsible for tracking the entire sales process from start to finish. For this reason, this professional must have a general vision of the functioning of the company, in order to be able to supervise with precision the whole process of sale. Its goal is to work on the return on investment achieved, so that the results of the company are positive.

Influencer marketing

Influencers are another of the most relevant figures in digital marketing today. Indeed, the implementation of marketing strategies with influencers is generally very profitable for most companies.

So, in general, these types of campaigns result in increased brand reach and customer loyalty. Mastering marketing strategies will be essential for setting up advertising campaigns with influencers.

Big Data Manager

Managing the data generated on a daily basis in the network is a fundamental aspect for the marketing and sales industry. For this reason, more and more companies are choosing to hire professionals who specialize in the management and control of Big Data.

In this way, thanks to the work of the Big Data Manager, companies can develop more effective strategies based on customer segmentation and obtaining more precise and personalized business visions. In recent years, this profile has also increased its presence in political campaigns, business operations or science projects, among others.

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