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This summer, 1.24 million contracts will be signed in Spain: discover the most requested profiles, new positions and job opportunities

Summer begins and with it the time for vacations, sales and a rebound in hiring. Jobs and the economy are benefiting from this campaign and new jobs and employment opportunities are emerging. The rise of summer tourism coupled with the best health data, with nearly 50% of the Spanish population vaccinated with a dose, and with flexible measures such as the end of the use of outdoor masks or lengthening schedules for the hotel industry, creates a very favorable scenario for recovery and job creation in a wide variety of sectors, and has a positive impact on the summer campaign and the 2021 sales.

Thus, in this context, Adecco, specialist in Human Resources management, predicts that during the months of June, July, August and September, it will experience an increase in hiring of 20.4% over one year, which represents signing more than 1,243. 000 contracts in our country, of which nearly 147,000 will be linked to the sales campaign, 14.5% more than last year.

According to Rubn Castro, Director of Adecco Staffing: “We have had a very difficult year in terms of employment, reaching unemployment rates never seen before, a record of people affected by ERTE, uncertainty…, but it is time to reverse this trend. situation and gradually begin to return to the employment levels before the onset of this crisis. Undoubtedly, in the coming months, many people who continue to benefit from an ERTE will be able to re-enter the labor market and, in addition, this will be the time when the most affected sectors such as hospitality and tourism will be able to reactivate at a good rate of turnover and hiring of staff “.

The summer campaign in the Autonomous Communities

If we look at the number of contracts to be signed between the months of June to September, Catalonia is for another year the first autonomous region in terms of job creation during the summer season, as has become the custom, with a forecast of over 209,500 new jobs. contracts made available. They are followed by the Valencian Community and the Region of Murcia, which have overtaken Madrid in the ranking and will generate respectively nearly 156,000 and 150,000 jobs. The Community of Madrid comes down in the table and is fourth in job creation, with 145,100 jobs and closes the top 5 of Andalusia with 129,200 contracts planned.

These five communities account for two-thirds of the total contracts that will be executed during the summer season, which shows, once again, the great territorial concentration that takes place in the main contracting periods. This imbalance may be due in part to the important tourist component of these areas as opposed to others in which either the influx of tourists is lower, or their economies are more diversified and the weight of tourism is not as high. representative only in these. Added to this is the weight that these communities have in national employment. But overall, all regions will experience a notable improvement in employment.

From that moment on, hires decreased significantly in absolute number of contracts signed. Here are located Castilla y Len, with more than 75,600 jobs, Galicia, with more than 65,500, and Castilla-la Mancha, where 63,300 new jobs will be created.

Between 58,000 and 52,000 jobs can be found in Navarre (57,500), Aragn (56,300) and Pas Vasco (52,000). They are followed by Cantabria, where nearly 32,300 contracts are expected to be signed.

Towards the lower half of the table are the Canary Islands, where it is expected to reach over 18,600 hires, Asturias, with around 12,300, and La Rioja, with a forecast of 10,300 new jobs. The regional ranking is closed by the regions of Extremadura, with more than 5,000 new jobs, and the Balearic Islands descend to the last position, which exceeds 4,400 contracts.

As has happened in previous years, this campaign is expected to increase hiring in all communities from the previous year. Navarre experienced the strongest year-over-year growth, where the number of summer jobs increased by 60% more than in 2020. The 2020 summer campaign in the Autonomous Community was almost non-existent with different epidemics throughout the summer months which led to measures and significantly reduced hires, hence the sharp increase year on year.

Behind are the two archipelagos, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, both up 50% over one year, subject to the arrival of foreign tourists of all nationalities.

The Valencian Community and Extremadura will see the number of jobs increase respectively by 36% and 29%, the fourth and fifth highest growth in the country. They are followed by the Region of Murcia, Aragn and Asturias, whose hires will increase at a rate of 20% over one year each, as well as the national average (+ 20.4%).

Next come the regions of Galicia, Catalonia and Andalusia, which are gaining momentum this summer with a forecast increase of 19%, 18% and 17% respectively; below are Cantabria and Castilla. y Len, who will experience increased growth. 15% and 14%, respectively.

The smallest increases will be recorded by the Community of Madrid and the Basque Country, whose hires will increase by 12% each. Finally, La Rioja and Castilla-La Mancha will be the autonomous regions that will experience the smallest inter-annual increase, although it is positive, of 10%.

Hiring in the sales campaign

Sales still assume a significant rebound in employment in our country. At that time, the attractive offers from the various companies favored the increase in consumption which resulted in a notable growth in the demand for temporary workers to meet these needs. And as we mentioned before, Adecco predicts that these discounts will generate around 136,200 contracts, which is a 14% increase year-over-year.

At the regional level, and like the summer campaign, Catalonia will be in the lead in hiring with nearly 27,000 jobs, which represents an increase of 16.7% compared to sales in 2020. Behind it is the Community of Madrid, with more than 16,500 new jobs, is the region where the highest growth in sales year on year is expected (+ 18%), the Valencian Community is very close to third place, with a forecast of 16,400 contracts (+ 16.5%).

Andalusia and Castilla y Len close this top 5 with around 16,150 and over 9,600 jobs respectively, an increase of 12.2% and 12.9%, respectively, compared to 2020.

After them, the communities that will sign between 9,000 and 7,000 supply contracts are Castilla-La Mancha (8,700), the Region of Murcia (8,000), Galicia (7,300) and Pas Vasco (6,840 ). All will experience a year-over-year increase of between 14% and 12%, with the exception of Murcia, where the increase will be 7% if the forecast is met. They are closely followed by Aragn, who will retain nearly 6,200 jobs during the sales period, with an increase of 11.6%.

The rest of the Autonomous Communities has less than 5,000 commissioning contracts and year-to-year growth of 10%. Navarre generates around 4,500 jobs and Cantabria carries out nearly 3,500 contracts. Hacia el final del ranking de esta campaa de rebajas y con menos de 2.000 empleos y una subida del 10% estn Canarias, con 1.700 Contrataciones, Asturias, que ofrecer en torno a 1.450 nuevas oportunidades laborales y La Rioja, que crear casi 1.100 nuevos puestos of work.

The regions with the fewest recruitments in this sales campaign will be, as usual, Extremadura and the Balearic Islands. Nevertheless, Extremadura will create 660 new jobs (+ 10%) and the Balearics 550, with an increase of 15% compared to previous cuts.

Tourism and trade will boost employment

The summer season in our country is synonymous with a great rebound in the tourism and hospitality sector, with particular impact in the coastal areas and the main cities, which are those that concentrate the greatest influx of tourists, both national than foreigners. Businesses have a good forecast for this summer, which translates into greater demand for professionals and a pickup in hiring, after months of declining activity and uncertainty hit the main engine of our economy.

The increase in tourism activity will also promote employment in other sectors closely linked to it, including the airport, the service sector, logistics and transport. All will have to incorporate workers after these months of shutdown and ERTES. But they will not be the only ones: Food and Beverages, distribution, Contact Center and many other ancillary industries will benefit from the opening of national and international tourism.

These traditionally important sectors of our economy are regaining strength, and others, such as e-commerce, will continue to grow and create jobs. As usual in sales, physical commerce and retail will be the protagonists; and e-commerce, mass consumption, distribution, logistics and transport will also benefit the sectors and continue to generate jobs today.

Every year, sales create new job opportunities in our country, although since the lifting of mandatory sales periods, the strength of this campaign has diminished. Traditionally, the most strengthened sector during this period is commerce, which requires the incorporation of professionals who accelerate the high volume of work that is concentrated at this time.

The most requested profiles during the summer

The profiles most in demand during the summer season and sales are diverse and vary by region and sector.

As we have commented, tourism and hospitality activities will be the protagonists, and waiters, cooks, kitchen helpers, ground waiters, free time monitors or animators and lifeguards will be required.

In sales, the need for physical commerce personnel will increase and profiles such as salespeople, business promoters, salespeople, cashiers, etc. Spanish consumption and e-commerce have exploded. Not only is staff needed for physical stores, but, thanks to e-commerce, the incorporation of workers for the preparation and distribution of online orders has been reinforced: packers, replenishments, servers, order pickers, stock managers and carretilleros.

Also, as happened last summer, new professions are emerging that join these summer hires. These are profiles that did not exist before COVID-19: disinfectors of clothes and spaces, trackers, beach attendants (they are responsible for controlling access to beaches, avoiding crowds, allocating plots on coasts where this system will be maintained, etc. etc.

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