Discover the most striking news in Human Resources of the week

We review the current world of work this week, we highlight the top 5 most read news

The HR Innovation Summit returns with the best panel of speakers in its history: Neil Harbisson, Bisila Bokoko, Juan Verde, Raquel Roca …

David Prez Pieiro, VP of People, Sustainability and Public Affairs at Cabify, at Coffee Break: “The relationship between talent and sustainability is increasingly linked in companies”

Five key questions to manage vacations, maternity and paternity leave, medical leave … and an essential aspect in all of this

DKV, sponsor of ‘Los + Influential de los RRHH’

Interview. Rmi Diennet, Director of Badenoch + Clark in Spain Adecco Group: “The keys necessary to manage teams in the medium and long term will be based on the soft skills of their leaders”

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