Discover the most striking news in Human Resources of the week

We take a look at the current world of work this week, we highlight the top 5 most read news

Bisila Bokoko will be at the HR Innovation Summit 2021 to talk about talent, entrepreneurship, leadership … And much more!

Interview. Nacho Villoch (BBVA), “Ms Influencer for Human Resources 2021”: “We need to maintain consistency and resilience when generating content and conversations”

Juan Verde, sustainable economy advisor to the US government: “I expect you all on September 23 at the HR Innovation Summit”

Interview. Iker Barricat, CEO of the Adecco Group, and Guillermo Pujadas, CEO of Adecco Spain for a month, are subjected to the same questionnaire: Will the answers match?

The future of work in Spain: how we are going to work, how we are going to lead, how we are going to organize ourselves and what we will need

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