discover the new financial education program for girls and young people

Financial leaders: discover the new financial education program for girls and young people

The Inspiring Girls Foundation, whose objective is to increase girls’ professional ambition and self-esteem, as well as their professional expectations, by making visible the wide variety of professions and jobs that exist and by overcoming the boundaries and stereotypes, launched the Inspiring Girls Financial Club.

The goal of the club is for adolescents and young people to learn how to manage their own finances, the functioning of the financial market and new trends (fintech, blockchain, etc.) in an easy way. And that they do it through the experience of real women who work in companies of recognized prestige with a double mission: to stimulate professionals who have the opportunity to transmit their knowledge to future generations and also to help girls to break the gender stereotypes.

“We want girls to understand the main concepts of economics and finance, that if they hear about EBITDA, bitcoin or ESG criteria, it won’t sound like Chinese. They also understand that financial independence is the key to their future and that they know the tools to manage their finances. And we want to increase the number of women in positions of responsibility and, by making the existing ones visible, promote financial vocations among girls, ”says Inspiring Girls president Marta Prez Dorao.

The program is divided into five blocks: personal finance, business, commercial banking and regulated markets, the new financial economy and sustainability. The sessions will be taught by professional women from the financial world who work in high-level companies in the financial sector in Spain.

“We have a worrying lack of financial education in general and especially among girls. We are grateful for the collaboration of all the professionals in this sector who collaborate with the girls to familiarize them with the financial field with entertaining and motivating sessions, executives from high level entities such as BBVA, UBS, BlackRock, Bankia, AMEX, SingularBank, etc. », Emphasizes Prez Dorao.

The official presentation ceremony was attended by the third vice-president of the government and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calvio, responsible for closing the event.

The IG Financial Club was created with the collaboration of Camilo Jos Cela University (UCJC), which will host the various sessions planned this year on its campus in Almagro Street, Madrid. The agreement also includes successive collaborations between Inspiring Girls and the SEK Educational Institution, to which the Camilo Jos Cela University belongs and to which also belong the SEK International Schools in Spain, France, Ireland and Qatar.

The president of the SEK educational institution, Nieves Segovia, said that “everything we do to help form girls and young people and support them in their vocations, will be small. It is especially essential to strengthen STEAM skills among them, because if the ratio of men to women in technical careers is not balanced, we will prepare the next gender employment gap. And very difficult to save. “

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