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Finding the best candidate in the summer can be a challenge. Betting on mental health, flexible compensation plans, or other benefits related to the summer itself can be key to attracting talent.

BY RRHHDigital, 01:30 – 30 July 2021

High temperatures are not the best motivation for looking for a job. After going through a long, cold winter, summer presents itself as a fun time where making the most of the days is usually the main focus. Based on this background, many people decide to reduce the priority to looking for a job in summer. In addition, many companies tend to slow down their selection processes during the summer season, and this is a fact that applicants take into account when postponing their job search.

On the other side of the coin, companies take advantage of this period to claim candidates because it is precisely the time of year when they can devote more attention to human resources. “Getting the best candidate right now can be a challenge. The bottom line is to keep in mind what applicants typically demand from businesses today: personal and professional well-being. According to this premise, companies in search of talent can take advantage of the good weather to offer services that cover the need for well-being and thus be able to make this challenge a reality ”, explains Pilar Martn, Talent Scout at TherapyChat, the leading platform in psychology online. These services consist of:

Bet on mental health. Putting mental health at the forefront, both in the private sphere and at work, is of vital importance to convey a corporate image of recognition and human value to the candidate. It is for this reason that in recent years, psychology has taken on particular importance in companies, especially after the Covid-19 crisis. Ensuring the mental health of the workforce not only promotes the corporate culture, but also improves the working environment, the productivity of people by feeling valued, and prevents health problems and fatigue, which leads to fewer sick leaves and avoids absenteeism. Here are some ways to make this bet:

Integrate a business psychology service. In recent years, business psychology has gained ground as it is an essential tool for innovation in the people management industry. If we also add the ability to offer this service to employees online, letting them choose where and when to communicate with their therapist, we will create an environment of trust and intimacy so that people can speak openly and expose. their concerns. TherapyChat offers this business psychology service, and there are already many companies that have taken advantage of the mental health of their employees, achieving overwhelmingly positive results. Businesses and workers who use TherapyChat services claim to have increased their workplace productivity by 42% and report lost working hours have decreased by 55%. Team building. Ofrecer a los empleados que puedan participar en actividades que van ms has all del entorno laboral favorece la cohesin grupal y crea lazos estrechos entre los trabajadores al permitir conocerse en un mbito fuera del profesional, donde el objetivo es desconectar del trabajoiento y favorecer el sentimiento team.

Offer flexible compensation plans / benefit plans. Companies must focus on reconciling the personal and professional life of their employees as a reflection of one of their main values: the well-being of people. In this sense, the main objective should be to improve the quality of life of its employees and, therefore, to promote the creation of a good working environment and the performance of people. Some examples are:

Flexible compensation plans, allowing employees to allocate up to 30% of their annual gross salary to daily benefits exempt from income tax and thus increase their net salary. The company allows employees to have greater purchasing power without impacting the wage cost. Employee benefit plans. According to the collective agreement, the company assumes the entire cost of the goods it offers to its employees.

Social benefits linked to the summer itself. It is made up of value-added initiatives in the summer season:

Agreements with municipal swimming pools. In times of high temperatures, swimming pool plans are the order of the day. Offering this leisure service within one of these plans encourages an employee to bet on your business. In addition, it is an action that directly benefits the reconciliation of work and family life. Offer summer camps for children. During the school period, many companies provide childcare services for their children, but in summer most of them close. And if the person is not looking for work during these months, why will they not have where or to whom to leave their children? Providing this service in the summer is of great help for many workers. Agreements with airlines and hotel chains: many companies offer their employees a transport subscription. However, in summer, being able to offer reductions on different tickets than usual makes it easier for the worker to take advantage of the summer season. Likewise, discounts may also be offered with hotel chains. Car rental. The fact that employees can benefit from this service in summer makes it easier to take a few days off in a place other than their home.

Improvement of working hours in summer, or “Smart working”. More and more people, when they prefer one place of work or another, appreciate the flexible hours and the possibility of working in a different place than usual. In this sense, companies can bet on:

Intensive sessions. Giving workers the ability to adjust their work schedules during the summer months helps recognize people’s time and allows them to have more availability for their personal lives. Telecommuting. While there will inevitably be companies that cannot allow their employees to not come to the office on any working day of the year, offering telecommuting during the summer months offers a lot of flexibility for the worker who needs to work from home. wish to take advantage of the good weather.

Offer career plans after a vacation replacement position. Many people do not look for summer work because most positions are for a replacement or support at the company at a specific time. They believe that losing the opportunity to take a vacation for temporary work is not worth it. But if candidates are given the option to stay with the company after this substitution expires, the mindset changes and I know it’s worth postponing the vacation.

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