Discover the new functionality of Nespresso Momento, the coffee machine that minimizes physical contact in the age of distancing

Discover the new functionality of Nespresso Momento, the coffee machine that minimizes physical contact in the age of distancing

The pandemic has changed a myriad of aspects in our lives, whether at work, socially, culturally … And one of them is physical contact. In the age of the coronavirus, physical contact has changed to distance, to distance, to “contactless”, a term that is used more and more. Distancing affects our personal relationships and also the way we usually do things which in many cases have changed completely.

It happens with a daily action such as having coffee in the office. An activity that took place on a daily basis, without major complications, without major obstacles, until the coronavirus reached our lives. And it is that the moment of coffee has completely changed, both in form and in substance. We had to limit meetings with our colleagues to discuss and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of work; We can no longer embrace or greet each other normally with the people around us and we can no longer have physical contact with the natural that we had before.

And that’s what happens when it comes to making us coffee. For this reason, Nespresso Professional, following its commitment to constant innovation, has launched a new feature for its NespressoMomento machine, a coffee machine capable of serving coffee while minimizing physical contact. In other words, thanks to an application, the user can prepare his coffee by remote control. It works as follows: the consumer selects his favorite coffee capsule and inserts it into the machine, which immediately recognizes the variety of coffee. Via a mobile device, the user scans the QR code that appears on the screen and, from an app, selects the desired recipe. In a few moments, you can enjoy your Nespresso coffee without having to interact with the screen, for a personalized, hygienic and safe experience. At the same time, the brand also provides consumers with “contactless” capsule dispensers, in order to be able to easily select individual coffee capsules or glasses.

Like the rest of the Nespresso Professional range, Nespresso Momento is a machine with a distinctly sustainable character that respects the environment, a vital aspect at a time when concern for our planet has become a priority at the general level. And does all professional coffee machines have a precision drinking system whereby the exact amount of decaffeinated, water and energy needed to brew a perfect cup of coffee is used, also on a large scale. In turn, all capsules, hermetically sealed, are made with aluminum, an infinitely recyclable material and the most suitable to preserve the freshness, aromas and flavor of the coffee.

We discover what are the main advantages of the Nespresso Moment machine:

Reduced physical contact In addition to the remote control option, it also has the option of automatic configuration. Thanks to the recognition of the capsule in the dispenser, the user can enjoy their Ristretto, Espresso or Lungo coffee without having to touch the screen. And it is that the technological boom has also reached the sector to contribute to a more digital and 100% safe coffee moment in times of coronavirus. Improved hygiene and disinfection. Logically, since there is less contact with the machine, the work of cleaning, disinfection and disinfection is improved, easier and faster, resulting in a much safer and virus-free working environment. In fact, the machine also has the option of locking the screen, through which the user is prompted to clean the screen before using it. Agility and innovative design.The machine and the speed of brewing a coffee perfectly adapt to the hectic pace of work today and allow you to enjoy a coffee without interrupting the daily rhythm. In addition, its modern and innovative style makes it easy to adapt to any type of office or workspace. Quick and Easy Repair Thanks to its modular design that allows the technician to quickly and easily access major machine components, machine downtime is reduced, minimizing employee waiting times. It should also be taken into account that any software update is done remotely. A clear sustainability: On the one hand, Nespresso coffee is obtained in a 100% sustainable way, thanks to its AAA Sustainable QualityTM program. On the other hand, the company continues to pursue the goal of reducing the carbon footprint in order to ensure that your Nespresso cup is completely carbon neutral by 2022. To do this, they continue to reduce the footprint of each cup and also expand the plantation. of trees on and around coffee plantations in association with Rainforest Alliance and PUR Project NGO Initiatives that are aligned with the company’s commitment to the environment and with the current reality in which large organizations should be involved in policies sustainable.

Nespresso Professional, coffee solutions for all types of businesses

Nespresso Professionals the professional range of Nespresso dedicated to offering personalized coffee solutions for businesses of all types. Its 14 varieties of coffee for all tastes, its services and technical support and its machines are ideal for all types of offices, regardless of size and number of employees. It is also perfect for restaurants, cafes, hotels … And from Nespresso Professional they seek to meet the needs of all types of workers and customers.

For more information on the new Momento Touchless application and Touchless dispensers, contact Nespresso by calling 900 11 00 20 (free number) or by e-mail via the web

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