Discover the new measures proposed as part of the labor and pension reform in Spain

Discover the new measures proposed as part of the labor and pension reform in Spain

Pension reform has been in the spotlight in recent days. Finally, the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Jos Luis Escriv, confirmed that the intention of the government is to undertake the reform in two phases in 2021 concerning the aspects of the general law of security. social, to advance in its substantial or complete treatment. Among those announced and proposed in the pension law, three decisive reforms for the group of retirees, self-employed and workers stand out.

New maternity accessory

The first measure will be a new maternity supplement to close the gender gap in pensions, so that men can also access this supplement in their retirement benefit.

Article 60 of the General Law on Social Security establishes a supplement to the contributory retirement pension for women who have had biological or adoptive children in order to recognize the demographic contribution to social security. Men who receive a recognized retirement, widowhood or permanent disability benefit can also request an increase in their pension.


It was possible to agree with the autonomous associations on the conditions for extending the aid until May 31. In the absence of the last details, from February 1, it is no longer compulsory to access the extraordinary benefit for termination of activity after having received it between March and June.

Likewise, the level of each activity is reduced from 75% to 50% in order to accept to receive the service and have 100% exemption from costs. In addition, the quota increase for this year is being delayed, at least, until June 1.

Retirement age is maintained

Finally, among the latest reform proposals relating to recovery funds, pensions and the labor market, there is no extension from 25 to 35 years of the contribution period to be taken into account for the calculation of the pension. new retirees. by the department of Jos Luis Escriv to the unions.

Other reforms in the workplace

With regard to other reforms also integrated and, with regard to the framework of work, the executive presented to the European Commission “17 reforms distributed in different blocks”, which will relate to the improvement of the active policies in favor of of the unemployed to that of the public employment services. They also agree to implement other regulations such as the so-called runners’ law or measures to combat temporary work, turnover or high unemployment.

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