Discover the professional profiles that the esports sector needs to continue to develop

Discover the professional profiles that the esports sector needs to continue to develop

GAMERGY Special Edition Online 2020 has become more than just a meeting point for video game and esports fans to unleash their hobby. The program of workshops, seminars and presentations, which takes place in parallel with the competitions, shows how this ecosystem has become a place where many professional profiles will find their place to develop professionally.

According to experts, the digitalization of society has only just begun and many professions of the future are still to come, as well as new technologies that will change the professional sector, including esport. Different studies estimate that by 2021, technologies such as the Internet of Things or IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality, will be globally accessible for the majority of users and businesses. This development will involve the appearance of new professional profiles in esport.

The most requested jobs of tomorrow

There are a large number of more traditional professional profiles, such as psychologists, nutritionists or physiotherapists, who will find a new environment in which to develop, as their knowledge will be demanded by professional esports teams to take care of their players. . Aspects related to the emotions that arise in this environment, or to the stress generated in high competition, will force teams to have in their ranks sports psychologists, physiotherapists who prevent injuries or nutritionists who choose the best diet and of course , with coaches to define game strategies. On the other hand, esport is a formidable field for new profiles directly linked to the world of technology and to all careers belonging to the audiovisual world, such as video game designers , the experts in special effects, designed to improve the user experience, with virtual reality, and above all, able to work in both worlds, the real and the digital, and why not, the Costa Rican hackers, who will use their knowledge of the ‘IT and Security to find vulnerabilities or failures in any IT environment, with the object if to report them in the organization, so that all necessary measures are taken to prevent a cyber disaster, or information theft.

It is important to mention to other professionals who will find in the world of esports a new market with endless professional possibilities, such as esports casters or commentators, journalists, marketing experts, communications managers or engineers. streaming.

The competitions also continue

GAMERGY Special Online Edition 2020 continues with its competitive aspect, and during this week there was the stoppage of the Storm Circuit, which ended on November 11, after four previous qualifiers. The winners were LK Gaming, an esports team that secured the # 1 spot after facing UCAM’s college education.

Despite the victory from the standstill, neither of them managed to qualify among the top eight teams for the final stretch of the Storm Circuit. These will be Movistar Riders Academy, Origen SB, Arena Quesito, Qlash Spain, Kawaii Kiwis, Dead Rabbits EC, Abyssal EC and S2V Academy who will fight from November 25 at the end of the playoff season.

After almost four weeks of the event, eight Cups have been organized, GAMERGY’s own competitions, which will distribute a total of up to € 30,000 in prizes. The first two qualifiers for the Clash Royale Gamergy Cup have also taken place, the final of which will take place on December 13 and distribute € 2,200.

Organized by IFEMA in collaboration with GGTech Entertainment, GAMERGY Special Online Edition 2020, will be active until December 20, offering the gaming community a platform to enjoy and participate in major competitions, adjusted to the health situation we are living, and which will serve as a prelude to the face-to-face edition of GAMERGY 2021, Spain’s most spectacular meeting, with a major international screening, to be held in June of next year.

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