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The choice of graduate school is an exciting process for most students, although it can be somewhat stressful as it is a relatively quick decision-making process, which increases the levels of uncertainty due to desire. clear to make the long-awaited right decision. everyone. For this reason, IMF Institucin Acadmica, wanted to analyze the importance of what are called general skills when choosing the most appropriate training for each profile.

Lassoft skills as well as “soft skills”, that is to say all those related to what is called emotional intelligence, are becoming more and more important for companies when selecting profiles in relation to Lashard skills or the technical skills or knowledge that employees have to develop their business. Martnez, director of the Master of Human Resources at IMF Institucin Acadmica, has identified certain character traits or soft skills that certain sectors and studies require as a quality.

Feature trait: draw

It is, without a doubt, the perfect quality to fully embark on the world of international trade and in the entire tourism sector. We live on a planet where countless cultures coexist, some very different from each other, and a favor and much needed point is to know and identify 100% with the people you deal with and negotiate with, what whatever country they come from.

Characteristic trait: Organization

Project management in all sectors is undoubtedly a profession that requires a strong sense of organization and planning. If you see yourself as an organized person who likes to be in control, this might be your ideal profession.

Feature: analysis and precision

A booming industry like Big Data needs people who stand out for their extreme methodology, analysis and precision. The Big Data Master provides a global vision of these technologies and their use, derived from the reformulation and cost reduction of data processing technologies. Profiles such as Big Data architect or Big Data analyst, based on this knowledge and market needs, are innovative and highly appreciated jobs in the technology sector.

Characteristic trait: resolution

A decisive, proactive person with a multidisciplinary background is a very valuable trait for students of marketing and advertising. They are future professionals who adapt to markets and sectors that change and evolve at high speed and therefore require high resolution capability.

Characteristic trait: critical vision

The direction and management of public affairs in its various aspects require people with a great capacity for critical vision. Professionals who choose this specialty must have the ability to operate and develop projects internationally: public affairs, lobbying, corporate diplomacy and intelligence analysis are some of the sectors that require this critical mind.

As can be seen, several characteristics meet the immediate needs of certain sectors of the labor market. Marta Martnez, director of the Master of Human Resources at the FMI Institucin Acadmica, asserts that: “An important step in making a decision with certainty is something as fundamental as knowing yourself and, thus, being able to identify the forces for which our personality stands out. “.

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