Discover the ranking of the ten most requested professionals in the ICT sector

InfoJobs, the leading job platform in Spain, recorded 16,216 vacancies in the IT and telecommunications professional category during the month of February, an increase of 24% compared to the previous month (13,077 ). However, as is the case in virtually all categories, it decreased by 19% compared to the same period of the previous year (19,969).

The ICT sector represents 13% of the total volume of vacancies on the platform. And, in addition, 3 of the 10 #MostDemanded professionals at the general level fall into this category: software developer, software analyst and ICT consultant, which makes these profiles one of the most requested by companies today. . The main causes of this demand respond to the need to adapt to the digital transformation in all its aspects. That is to say the transition to the online model and e-commerce, the consolidation of teleworking, the integration of collaborative tools and the applications of new technologies such as the Internet of Objects, Artificial Intelligence or Big Data.

Businesses around the world are accelerating the digitization of their processes to adapt to today’s needs. In fact, the World Economic Forum’s latest report, The Future of Jobs, points out that, in the current pandemic and job-shrinking scenario, the adoption of technology by businesses will transform many tasks by 2025. , current jobs and skills. In addition, the InfoJobs report on hiring needs, states that 36% of companies are currently looking for technological profiles to adapt to this new digital world, a figure which increases to 60% in the next two years.

#LosProfesionalesMsDemandentes in the ICT sector

InfoJobs, the main job platform in Spain, reflects a global trend in the ICT sector. In February, it was #LosProfesionalesMsDemandentes:

Software Developer Software Analyst ICT Service Agent ICT Consultant ICT Systems Administrator Software Architect Project Manager User Interface Development Software Tester Database Administrator

Analyzing in detail, developing software is the most requested profile in the IT and telecommunications category with more than 4,250 positions. Next come a software analyst, with nearly 1,530 positions, and an ICT services officer, with nearly 1,000 vacant positions. In addition, 919 ICT consultants and 900 ICT systems administrators were hired. To a lesser extent, ICT system architects, project managers, user interface developers, software testers and database administrators were also involved.

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