discover the skills most in demand by companies in 2021

Commitment, flexibility and strategic vision: discover the skills most in demand by companies in 2021

Tech-related jobs were the most requested by companies in 2020, with an increase of almost 10 percentage points – up to 32.14% – from the previous year, according to the findings of the 7th report EPyCE 2020 on positions and skills More demand, carried out through a survey of more than two hundred human resources managers with the participation of the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors (AEDRH) and the EAE Business School, in collaboration with Foro Inserta of the ONCE Foundation.

The generalization of teleworking due to the Covid19 pandemic and the new logistical needs that it has involved explain in large part why the family of positions linked to Technology has risen to leadership in the preferences of Human Resources managers during the year. last, up by 2 positions compared to 2019. In second position, there are commercial positions, with 20%, down one position compared to 2019. Engineering is down and is positioned in third place, with 15%. In fourth position and increasing by 2 positions is the family of qualified operators, with 10%. Administration, finance and legal remain in fifth place, with 5%. Finally, marketing lost 2 positions compared to 2019, with 5%.

The 10 specific positions most in demand in 2020 were Skilled Operators, Data Science, Computer Engineer, Big Data, Computer Programmer, Sales Delegates, Business Development, Industrial Engineer, Doctor and Account Manager. The increase of nearly 7 points among Qualified Operators stands out and the trend for positions linked to the field of Technology and Engineering continues.

The 10 most difficult positions to fill in Spain last year were: Data Science, Big Data, Computer Engineer, Skilled Operators, Doctor, Computer Programmer, Digital Sales Representative, Manager, Electrical Engineer and Cybersecurity Manager.

The results of the seventh edition of the report show, as in the report of the previous year, the trend of positions related to the Technology family, and, in addition, a clear increase in positions related to engineers and skilled operators by effect. COVID-19[FEMALE[FEMININE

Future positions

According to the human resources managers consulted, the ranking of the 10 most requested positions in the future labor market in Spain will be led by the Blockchain Expert -6.79% -. In the second stage is the machine learning specialist -6.17% -, followed by the well-being and health coordinator -5.25% -, the waste manager -5.25% -, the chatbot design expert -4.94% -, the data ethics and confidentiality expert -4.63%, the mobility solutions expert -4.32% -, the developers of ” ink ”for 3D printers and brain implant specialists. Finally, it follows that the positions of the future are linked to technology and the objectives of sustainable development.

Skills and leadership

When talking about the rarest skills for Junior profiles, there is commitment, flexibility / adaptation to change and strategic vision, both for the present and for the near future. Likewise, the skills of the Senior profiles for the present and the future are Flexibility / Adaptation to change, Diversity management and Innovation.

The report underlines the importance of flexibility as both required and rare competition in work environments, which “can be a competitive advantage for professionals and generate added value for organizations. Particularly in Senior positions, Flexibility / Adaptation to Change is a skill that should be encouraged within companies. “

The report points out that “he’s been talking about leadership for many years, but COVID19 has shown us that the key skills for navigating uncertainty (i.e. flexibility / adaptation to change, innovation and strategic vision) were the rarest. There is an urgent need to change the properties of a leadership anchored in presence towards a leadership based on trust and inclusion ”.

Pilar Llacer, principal investigator of the EAE Business School report and Jaime Sol, Managing Partner of People Advisory Services at EY and member of the AEDRH Talent and Leadership Community- stress that companies and, in particular, workers, will need to get used to :

Change companies, sectors and functions frequently, whether voluntary or involuntary. Generate a personal brand: it’s not just about being good at work, but showing the world through social media how much we are worth, if you are unattractive or create a need, they won’t will not hire. Entrepreneurship, having the opportunity to create your own job, and for that you need not only ideas, but a lot of digital skills and shedding pounds of fear, which for women costs more. If you are in an ERTE think NOW that you may not return to your job and have to reinvent yourself, change industry and train yourself for high demand trades. ”

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