Discover the soft skills measurement tool that will revolutionize talent management

Discover the soft skills measurement tool that will revolutionize talent management

According to a Deloitte study, 53% of employers say more than half of their workforce will need to change skills in the next three years. Further, they add, 52% admit their strategy is to hire great apprentices who can evolve to meet multiple positions and future needs.

In the volatile environment of 2020 and as companies need to rapidly change their business strategies, leaders look to their employees for coping, resilience, communication and teamwork skills. Indeed, job offers requiring one or more soft skills of this type increased by 31% during childbirth compared to the same period the previous year. However, although soft skills are gaining ground over technical knowledge (technical knowledge), many companies have yet to incorporate reliable techniques to assess the skills of their employees and candidates. According to LinkedIn data, 63% of recruiters report difficulty identifying and assessing soft skills.

Until now, the main obstacles to this operation were the high cost, the physical presence and the low scalability of the tools. However, Spanish companies are responding to this market need in order to democratize the measurement of soft skills in talent management. This is the case of S4hrtech, founded by the creators of Currofinder and developed jointly with the Complutense University of Madrid. S4hrtech’s solution gamifies the measurement of soft skills to translate them into data, which can be objectively measured and evaluated. This human resources revolution streamlines recruitment processes and prepares companies for deeper changes at the organizational level. Thus, the management of soft skills is more accessible both to a larger number of companies, and to different levels of responsibility within the organization: from the mass of staff to management positions.

“In this ever-changing landscape, where business needs can vary from month to month, talent management professionals need to know more about the human team and potential candidates in their business,” explains Nacho Hortal, CEO of S4hrtech. “Many companies that change structures after the pandemic may find a competitive advantage in the skills of their employees and potential new hires. At the end of the day, it’s the people who make a business prosper and our proposition is to put them at the center. “

The advantages of measuring soft skills

Through four simple games, the S4hrtech solution makes it possible to assess the skills of employees or candidates. Not only does the company receive an objective and reliable performance report, but the employee also collects feedback on their skills, strengths and areas for improvement. The platform produces a ranking of candidates by affinity with the position or can be adapted to the needs of each process. This methodology, which has a reliability of 93% and an adjustment of 95% in the psychometric model, was developed in collaboration with the cognitive psychology research group of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Measuring soft skills also implies a return on investment. According to Adecco’s Infoempleo 2019 report, selection process times can be reduced by 33%. About 25% of employees who do not enter a job in the first 6 months, it is because their soft skills were not well measured. At the organizational level, measuring personal skills also promises to transform the employment sector. Employees will be more comfortable in their work, diversity will increase in companies and the distribution of opportunities will be more equitable. At the individual level, employees and candidates will be able to have a more objective view of their personal capacities.

“At the end of the day, finding the right person for a job or new task is a complex process with very little margin for error, especially in times like today. At S4hrtech, we support and advise companies so that they can get to know people better, both those who already work there and potential recruits, which allows them to better allocate the skills of each to the needs of each project ”adds Hortal .

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