Discover the solution to optimize working time and increase productivity

Discover the solution to optimize working time and increase productivity

OCR (optical character recognition) is a technology that converts paper documents into scanned documents. That is, it is possible to scan a paper and convert it into a scanned and editable document (with search option) whether it is a photo, PDF or a document of any other type. This resource is very useful for companies where it is necessary to scan and recognize certain types of characters, bar codes or any document (delivery note, form, invoice, etc.). In this way, workers can edit, archive or search in these documents.

Ofi-Logic, a company that for over 30 years has been providing printing and IT maintenance solutions for businesses, explains the pros and cons, as well as how OCR technology works. “OCR technology is essential for a company in which the human resources department is of great importance. Thanks to OCR, companies can increase their productivity by 30% and streamline their processes much more, ”explains Ofi-Logic. Not having an OCR system, according to Ofi-Logic, means having to perform searches manually, rather than launching assisted searches. When reviewing files for a specific paragraph, the worker can limit search time, in addition to minimizing effort.

“Another great advantage of OCR is that it is compatible with other programs, such as electronic signatures or applications that contain a lot of information about documents that sometimes need to be reviewed or approved,” says Ofi-Logic. Security is another big advantage of having an OCR. With the OCR system, it is possible to keep the confidential documents of some employees for a certain period of time, in accordance with the data protection law. Failure to comply with these laws can have serious consequences for businesses, and effective OCR technology can avoid this risk.

In addition to reducing employee working time, OCR will also help eliminate any possibility of errors that employees may make while entering data into the system. As a result, employees will improve their work and customer service. Another big advantage of optical recognition is that people with visual or hearing problems will also be able to access this information much more easily. Confidential information will also be under control, as comments, text layers or bookmarks can be removed. The only downsides are that the image quality will be poor if the document is not original and the OCR software does not always detect all characters.

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