Discover the three most requested job profiles by AECOM in 2021

AECOM, the leading international company in architecture, design, transport and sustainable development, is one of the largest employers in the world with more than 47,000 professionals worldwide and more than 500 in our country. A commitment to employment which leads him to bet decisively on the recruitment of talents through the different professions in which he works, such as Transport, Architecture or the Environment.

For this reason, the company carried out an analysis to detect which profiles were most requested during this year. A trend that will surely continue in 2021 in an increasingly dynamic market after having overcome the worst months of the pandemic.

One of the most requested profiles by AECOM is that of architect. Above all, with a mastery and extensive experience in Building Information Modeling (BIM), in addition to very valuable international experience and the use of multiple languages, such as English, French, German or Italian, among others.

The second profile most requested by the company was that of civil engineer with international experience in the calculation and design of structural projects (linear, building …). A position which requires a high level of English.

Finally, the third profile most requested by the company during the year 2021 was that of geologist or expert in earth sciences with experience in research projects and decontamination of soil and groundwater.

Marta Pascual, head of human resources at AECOM Spain, underlines: “the search for specialized profiles by international companies such as AECOM requires above all a high degree of internationalization in the course of the candidates. This is necessary to integrate professionals capable of providing assistance in the various markets in which we operate and which represent the bulk of our company’s activities ”.

Facilities to reconcile work and personal life

AECOM, a leading company in its sector, has always opted for flexibility and the reconciliation between the personal and professional life of its workers and offers a hybrid format that combines teleworking with a level of presence that ensures the necessary interaction and collaboration between teams, supplemented with a great flexibility of schedule.

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