Discover the three most requested professional profiles today

Montaner & Asociados, the flagship brand of Grup Montaner which offers consulting services in change management in organizations, talent recruitment, selection and headhunting, identifies the 3 most requested profiles to cover post-Covid needs.

This pandemic has brought about changes in the priorities of companies, especially when they rethink their new strategy, their way of working and their business objectives. “At Montaner & Asociados, we work with over 1000 clients per year and we have verified the growing demand for business profiles, compliance or auditors and occupational risk prevention experts to help them meet the needs that they currently have in their companies ”, reports Eva Espinosa, Head of Selection at Montaner & Asociados.

The 3 most requested profiles

• Sales technician: we are looking for people with proven experience in the management of client portfolios, and with profiles of all engineers: automotive, chemical, industrial, mechanical and sectors such as agribusiness and IT.

Highly qualified technical sales profiles are now more important than ever within companies to achieve their new goals. Many have been forced to reinvent themselves, to adapt their activity to new market needs and with uncertain resources and forecasts. Therefore, a profile that brings real value to the company and new opportunities becomes the biggest draw for organizations.

• Senior technician in risk prevention. This profile, with proven experience in the design and implementation of Covid protocols, is one of the most sought after today. In addition, the need comes from various sectors such as food, chemicals, logistics, distribution, etc.

Currently, it is vital for companies to take the necessary measures to promote and maintain the safety of their employees. This is why the need to integrate a person who reinforces the structures for the prevention of occupational risks is increasingly felt. “At Montaner, we have extensive experience in manufacturing equipment and renting these profiles. We are aware of the value that ORP professionals currently bring who design and coordinate safety protocols, ”explains Espinosa.

• Head of Compliance (internal auditor): lawyers specializing in commercial matters (hiring, licenses, industrial property), monitoring compliance policies at European level, specialists in acquisitions and disposals (in companies or assets) and -the adventures are the type of profiles that companies hire to strengthen their current situation and prevent next year.

Integration format of these profiles

Depending on the needs and situation of each company, these profiles are generally integrated into their teams through two types of formats:

Interim Manager: A desirable profile in times of change due to his experience and focus on specific objectives. These profiles work for specific projects or times depending on their purpose.

Fixed incorporation: profiles that the company foresees essential for its new reality, which will meet current and future needs and which will bring a new balance to the company. In the permanent constitution, moreover, an integration or support plan can be included to ensure the integration of this person in the company.

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