Discover the three new professional profiles that are added to employment in the logistics sector

Discover the three new professional profiles that are added to employment in the logistics sector

Since the start of the pandemic, levels of job destruction have steadily increased and most of the jobs generated are centralized in positions related to health or logistics, making it an oasis of jobs and generates significant opportunities for the company and level of procurement.

However, facing a booming and changing industry, starting a business, recycling or starting from scratch, are big challenges that still need to be resolved. In particular, now is the time to enter the logistics industry, add value or improve the value proposition of people who have been employed in this industry for years, but need to retrain. .

The most common cases today are: how to enter the sector? How to start a business that meets your current challenges? How to recycle? Emphasize, also, the time that a professional can take to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to take advantage of the “pull” of the sector.

Faced with this problem, the Foro de Logstica business school provided one of the most effective responses, applauded by the sector and with the best reception in recent times in terms of jobs and talents: the FAST MSTER in Logistics.

This express training, which starts on March 16 and for which the last registrations are closing, has been configured with all the needs of professionals looking to bring their talent and the demands of current companies in mind who are looking to capture profiles.

More precisely, it will respond to three profiles or groups:

Entrepreneurs who want to enter the logistics industry. People who bring an innovative idea, but who need to know the sector, its evolution and its current needs. Professionals from other sectors who have detected a logistics job opportunity, but need to acquire training good enough to add value Veteran professionals in the sector who have understood the importance of updating and retraining their knowledge to adapt them to the present and the future of the sector.

To adapt to these three profiles, Foro de Logstica has designed in record time and with the help of professionals, experts, teachers and active logistics gurus, the FAST MSTER in Logistics. Intensive training, of the highest quality and with a training design adapted to the current needs of the sector.

One of the potentials of this training is its online modality, with the exception of some continuous courses in which networking between students and with teachers is encouraged. Likewise, the FAST MSTER will be taught intensively until June 15, for 12 weeks, with 3.5 hour classes to complete 100 hours and will be taught by experts from companies such as CEMEX, GLS, Telefnica or STEF.

In this sense, Foro de Logstica once again demonstrates its potential to launch a direct, effective and results-oriented training, aimed specifically at creating value, with a 100% exclusive offer with which any professional can meet the needs of the sector.

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