discover the trends that this year leaves us and the challenges that await us in 2021

Review 2020 in “ La Voz de los RRHH ”: discover the trends that are leaving us this year and the challenges that await us in 2021

Today, Wednesday 23 December, with our last newsletter of this complicated 2020, we want to come back to everything that has been this year, tragic, complex, stimulating but which has also left us with positive aspects, progress, evolutions, opportunities and lots of learning both personally and professionally. And from RRHHDigital, we have not stopped doing reports, in particular on this second stage, that of work.

For all these reasons, this latest podcast of “ La Voz de los RRHH ” in 2020 aims to analyze all the keys and trends that we have faced in RRHHDigital throughout the year. We are talking about serious issues such as ERTEs, business closures, rising unemployment, complications for freelancers and SMEs, emotional health issues, lack of digital disconnection … and many other circumstances. unfavorable. But, as we have already said, it also left us with positive aspects, trends that have become to stay in the work sector: flexibility, teleworking, employee support, digital transformation …

In addition, we spoke with Jos Luis Talln, Managing Director of Ediciones Digitales Siglo 21, RRHHDigital’s publishing company, who reviews what 2020 has been for the main human resources news media. He explains how they have adapted to circumstances caused by the pandemic, telecommuting, virtual and hybrid events and details how COVID-19 has affected the diary’s tracking.

Don’t miss the last podcast of the year from “La Voz de los RRHH”!

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