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Jobquire is a digital space where you can share, consult and discover how each company works. A supportive tool that helps you make career decisions.

Through employee experiences, the platform aims to bring more transparency to the labor market. On Jobquire, users share their views on jobs, rate companies, and give visibility to salaries. It is possible to consult all this information and bring a grain of respect, confidentiality and transparency.

The portal, developed by three Valencian entrepreneurs, took off in 2019 and already has around 6,000 reviews from more than 700 companies. It seeks a balance between objective information in the form of data, charts, rankings, etc. and the open and free opinion of employees, with the value that this implies.

Statistics are important, especially if the data is displayed in a user-friendly way. Pero lo que marca la diferencia es escuchar de boca de un trabajador real si la oferta de trabajo adjusted to the realidad, si el jefe es flexible con las vacaciones o si el ambiente de trabajo es amable y los compaeros quedan juntos fuera del horario laboral , for example. Also, for businesses, it works as an employer brand management tool, so that both parties benefit.

Opinions, experiences, salaries and job offers

Although Jobquire was born as an opinion portal due to the lack of information and transparency regarding the inner workings of companies, it also includes a forum-style question / answer section in which to resolve doubts that arise during research. of a job in a company: How is the effort rewarded? Are they strict with the dress code? What does the future of the company look like? With the experience of the employees, the workers themselves can help other candidates to form a true opinion of the company.

But Jobquire is not just opinions, it also has a section in which to view salaries in positions similar to everyone. It allows you to filter by province, company or position and thus assess whether the offered salary is fair. Additionally, they recently included a vacancies subsection on each company’s pages.

This innovative tool allows, from the anonymity and honesty of the users who interact with it, to create a community of opinions and transparency of the labor market.

An initiative that enhances company descriptions by integrating the vision of employees, which facilitates decision-making when evaluating job offers.

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