Discover umivale’s campaign to prevent COVID-19 in the workplace

Social gatherings and the workplace are the main sources of contagion of COVID-19, which has already accumulated more than a million cases in Spain since the start of the pandemic, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Do we know the main measures we need to apply in our work to help control the spread of the virus?

To answer this question, the mutual insurance company has prepared a prevention campaign focused on the workplace. An initiative that compiles a battery of specific recommendations by sector. Specifically, six posters that summarize the recommendations in the hospitality, commerce, banking, industry, construction and agriculture sectors.

“We have focused on these six sectors because they are the bulk of our protected population,” said Jos Luis Cebrin, prevention manager at Umivale. “With this campaign, we intend to offer information in a concise and visual way both to mutuals and their workers. Some posters that companies can place in visible places of their work areas and which complement the guidelines of good practice to prevent the risk of occupational exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus by activities and sectors published by the government and also they can be found on our website ”.

Each of the posters is divided into three blocks. The first reviews preventive recommendations when traveling to the workplace, such as using individual transport, using a mask when sharing a vehicle, or taking extreme cleaning and disinfection measures. A second block focuses on health recommendations for companies in each sector. “There are recommendations that coincide from poster to poster because they are more generic, such as information on risks and measures of action in response to possible symptoms, and others more specific, such as avoid sharing objects with customers in stores, avoid fingerprint systems in banking. or organize coordination meetings to discuss the actions to be implemented in the construction sector, ”Cebrin said.

Finally, the posters include a block with health recommendations for workers in each sector, such as how to individually use work tools or equipment, avoid physical contact, or promote card payments.

Section dedicated to the coronavirus on the mutual website

This campaign is already part of the section dedicated to COVID-19 The initiative joins all the prevention and health material that has been disseminated from the mutual fund due to the pandemic: the Together We will Vence information campaign on the coronavirus, which includes aspects such as its symptoms, the disinfection of the home, telecommuting, emotional management, etc. . The If You Protect Yourself, You Protect Me posters, with concise messages and calls to action to continue to enforce protective measures against the coronavirus. The special Holidays in Time of COVID-19 campaign, with directions for travel, as well as materials on the correct use of the mask and its types, hand hygiene and disinfection, the use and removal of gloves , etc.

In addition, in this section you can also consult all the information on the extraordinary advantages for the self-employed, the compilation of the legislative regulations adopted in this regard, a battery of good practices implemented by companies and audiovisual material and graphics of information and prevention. of the various official public administrations.

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