Discovery of a planet by NASA: NASA discovers planets outside Earth

An international team of astronomers has discovered four planets orbiting two stars outside our solar system. These planets revolve around twin stars named TOI 2076 and TOI 1807, according to data from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) of the US space agency NASA. Scientists are very excited about their discovery because these planets are still in their early stages of life and with their help they can help understand the evolution of the planets.

Astronomer Christina Hedges of the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute and NASA’s Ames Research Center at Moffee Field said these planets are in transit or can be called adolescent. They haven’t been born yet but aren’t completely stable either. This study was published in the ‘Astronomical Journal’.

run in the same direction
TOI 2076 and TOI 1807 are 130 light years from us and 30 light years from each other. Both stars are more orange than our sun and appear to be 200 million years old. In 2017, with the help of ESA’s Gaia satellite, scientists discovered that these stars were moving in the same direction in space. Astronomers believe they are not orbiting each other, but the movement of one can mean that they were born out of the same gas bubble.

There is still a lot of research
Christina’s team discovered three Neptune-like planets around YOU 2076. One of them is three times the size of Earth and two are four times the size. At the same time, TOI 1807 is orbiting a planet twice the size of Earth. Scientists are trying to find out their mass.

Based on the models so far, it is believed that the atmospheres of these planets formed due to the formation of gas and dust in the disks around the stars. When the mass is detected, their atmosphere can be studied using NASA’s Hubble or James Webb telescope.

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