discovery of dinosaurs: new discovery of water Spinosaurus dinosaur: discovery of dinosaurs living in water

A new and interesting discovery has been made about the Spinosaurus, one of the largest dinosaurs living on Earth. The study found that these giant creatures lived in water but could not swim properly. It is believed to be one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs. Their height reached 15 meters. University of Maryland keynote speaker Tom Holtz says the Spinosaurus was an extremely bizarre creature. It is therefore very difficult to understand them.

Lived near the coast

The spinosaurus was discovered in 1915, but since then it has been difficult for scientists to understand its behavior and characteristics. Previous research has shown that Spinosaurus live in water and swim in water with their giant tails for fishing. Now it was found that they could not live properly in the water, instead they lived near the banks of the river and took the fish out of the water.

Not too fast hunter

Tom says from the facts that have been revealed so far, it doesn’t appear that the predator living in the water must have been. He says based on the evidence found, an attempt is made to figure this out. Scientists have also compared its fossils and feathers to the skulls and skeletons of other living and extinct and extinct creatures. The study found that the Spinosaurus may not be very fast or efficient at hunting in water.

Couldn’t swim

It is now believed that they will live near the coast. It was also found that the Spinosaurus would not be known to swim like today’s crocodiles. His tail muscles must have been short and it would take more force to get into the water. Dr David Hawn, lead author of this study and senior lecturer at Queen Mary University in London, said: “Our study gives a clear picture of the behavior of Spinosaurus.”

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