disease x could kill millions: Disease X: If it alters nature, disease can kill 7.5 million people, scientists warn – scientists warn that disease x could kill 75 million every 5 years while humanity collides with nature

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Scientists have warned that 7.5 million people could die from Digiks X. They also said a corona-like epidemic could spread one in five times.
Amid the corona disaster, scientists warned 7.5 million people could die from Disease X if these humans continue to alter habitat. Not only that, an epidemic can spread one in five times. He said this outbreak would be even more dangerous than the plague plague, which has killed the most people at once. Scientists have said that humans are disrupting nature all over the world, which brings the risk of animal diseases reaching humans.

Scientists gave the warning at a time when the World Health Organization was investigating the corona virus in China. Now scientists fear that humans are at the mouth of another epidemic like Corona and that millions of people could fall under its grip. Dr Joseph Settle, an environmental research expert in research published in the prestigious journal Nature, told The Sun that there is an increased risk of infection from animals to humans.

Man infiltrating animal habitat
Dr Joseph said the reason is because humans are intruding into the animal habitat. Research indicates that Southeast Asia, southern and central Africa, around the Amazon River and eastern Australia are most at risk for new epidemics. Mr Joseph said the very rapid deforestation for cultivation, mining and infrastructure development and wildlife exploitation creates a very good environment for animals to switch from humans to diseases.

He said that the people who live the most in these areas, there is a greater risk of new epidemic in them. At the same time, a Lancet magazine editorial warned that the corona virus is not the last nor the worst health emergency. When climate change created a crisis of existence for human civilization, all people were united. Similar solidarity will also be required against diseases of animal origin.

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