disease x: Ebola explorers warn, another deadly epidemic spreading rapidly around the world – disease x fear The doctor who discovered Ebola warns that deadly new viruses will strike humanity

The doctor, who discovered Ebola amid the corona virus outbreak, warns that another outbreak, like Kovid-19, is rapidly spreading around the world. This epidemic is called disease X and it is very deadly like Ebola. In 1976, Professor Jean-Jacques Muyembe, who assisted in the discovery of the Ebola virus, said Tamphum said humanity was encountering an unknown number of new viruses. He said Africa’s rainforests pose a threat from new and deadly viruses.

Congolese women exhibit mysterious symptoms

In an interview with American television station CNN, Professor Jean said: ‚ÄúToday we are in a world where new viruses are going to emerge. And these viruses will become a threat to humanity. He said that I believe the future epidemic will be more dangerous than the corona virus and will be more devastating. Previously, a patient had been seen with hemorrhagic symptoms in Igando, Congo. This patient’s Ebola test was performed but it turned out negative. Doctors fear that she is the first patient of “disease X”. He said the new virus can spread quickly like a corona, but the death toll is 50 to 90 percent higher than Ebola.

Know what is the deadliest disease X epidemic Ebola

Scientists say the Disease X outbreak is still a concept, but if it spreads it will devastate the world, according to the World Health Organization. Professor Gene was the first to take a blood sample from a mysterious patient infected with the virus, who was later named Ebola. When the Ebola virus was first detected, 88% of patients and 80% of its employees died at Yambuku Mission Hospital. On Ebola, there was bleeding and the patient died. The sample, which was taken by Professor Jean, was sent to Belgium and the United States where scientists found that a worm-shaped virus was present in the blood. Now Professor Jean has warned that many other diseases are transmitted from patients to humans.

So far, many diseases have come from animals to humans

So far, yellow fever, various types of flu, rabies, and other diseases have come from animals to humans. Most of them are caused by mice or insects. Plague-like epidemics have occurred around the world. Experts say animal habitats are depleting and wildlife trade has increased, and as a result, cases of the spread of these viruses are increasing. He said if the natural habitat is destroyed the animals will be destroyed but the mice, bats and insects are left. The Sars, Mars and Corona viruses have also come from animals to humans. The corona virus, which originated in the city of Wuhan in China, is believed to have originated in bats. The Corona virus that originated in Wuhan has killed millions of people today.

A new virus arrives every three to four years

According to research from the University of Edinburgh, UK, a new virus enters the world every three to four years. Most viruses come from animals, according to university professor Mark Woolhouse. Scientists said if wild animals were bitten, epidemics like Ebola virus and Corona virus would win. He said live animals held in a wet market like Wuhan are at greater risk and an outbreak of “disease X” may be present inside one of those animals. Scientists had previously held the market for these live animals responsible for diseases spread in humans such as influenza and SARS.

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