disease x the next pandemic: Disease X: a mystical disease like the crown spreads in Congo, doctor is afraid, Russia investigates

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A mysterious new disease is spreading in the African country of the Democratic Republic of Congo, this disease has been named Disease X and its symptoms have been observed in Congolese women. Has begun
A mysterious new disease is spreading in the African country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The disease is called Disease X. Symptoms of this disease were seen in a patient in Congo. After this disclosure, there was a global panic and Russia began to investigate this disease. In 1976, Professor Jean-Jacques Muaymbe Tamfum, who helped discover the deadly Ebola virus, warned that the new disease is much more deadly than Ebola. All about disease X …..

The patient found in Congo is kept inside the plastic and is allowed to speak to his family through a single window. His identity is still hidden from the world. The woman’s child was also examined but no symptoms of her illness were found. The doctor treating the woman is also afraid. According to a report by the British newspaper Daily Mail, a patient was seen with hemorrhagic symptoms in Igando, Congo.

‘Woman’ could be the first patient with disease X ‘
This patient has been tested for Ebola but doctors fear that she is the first patient of “disease X”. The report says the new virus can spread quickly like a corona, but the number of people who die from it may be more than Ebola. The Ebola investigation of a Tamphoom patient turned negative, increasing suspicion. After that, the woman had other illnesses checked, but they all turned out to be negative. Doctors fear that this disease is spreading very quickly around the world.

According to the World Health Organization, X means unexpected in disease X. Meanwhile, the Russian public health organization has started investigating all sources and reports of this new disease. In an interview with American television station CNN, Professor Jean said: “Today we are in a world where new viruses are going to emerge. And these viruses will become a threat to humanity. He said that I believe the future epidemic will be more dangerous than the corona virus and will be more devastating.

The doctor treating the woman is also afraid
The doctors who treat the woman in Congo are also afraid. Dr Dadin Boncole said: “We are all afraid. No one knew about Ebola. No one even knew Kovid-19. We must fear new diseases. Tamfoom said humanity is facing an unknown number of new viruses. He said Africa’s rainforests pose a threat from new and deadly viruses.

According to research from the University of Edinburgh in Britain, a new virus enters the world every three to four years. Most viruses come from animals, according to university professor Mark Woolhouse. Scientists said if wild animals were bitten, epidemics like Ebola virus and Corona virus would win. He said live animals held in a wet market like Wuhan are at greater risk and an outbreak of “disease X” may be present inside one of those animals. Scientists had previously held the market for these live animals responsible for diseases spread in humans such as influenza and SARS.

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