Disney +, a year later, continues to offer HD resolution on Windows

The other day we read your comments on Twitter. Disney + has been with us for a year now and despite its fame and power, its rollout has been poor. Yes, it’s available on most platforms, but in some it doesn’t even hit FullHD resolution by mid-2020.

Disney + neither the Web nor an app for Windows 10

The reality is that Disney + has an incredible number of subscribers, but whatever browser we use is limited to 720p. A resolution that is beginning to be considered obsolete. It is surprising that its rivals offer better quality, and Amazon and Netflix apps that are up to the task.

However, a year later, Disney continues to offer the same quality and the same web application. Too bad that it underestimates the more than a billion devices equipped with Windows 10 and does not offer something under the conditions. We assume that in the end, at least your website will allow you to enjoy content of acceptable quality.

In the meantime, we’ll have to depend on an Amazon Fire Stick if we don’t have SmartTV or ChromeCast to enjoy more quality. Too bad and we hope that Disney will strive to improve the quality of its application.

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