DKV, an example of diversity and equality

Four women have been promoted to new positions of responsibility within the insurer, which works for equality between men and women. Rosa Beltrn has been appointed Director of Talents, Teresa Martn – Pinillos, will head the new Health Fraud Monitoring and Control Unit, Esther Garca will be the new Director of Commercial Operations and Marta Andradas, attached to the General Directorate of trade, will be responsible for the management of trade training.

DKV has an equality plan to support gender diversity, which includes a wide catalog of measures such as training actions to promote the promotion of women in the company. In addition, the company has put in place specific criteria guaranteeing equality in the selection process.

The company also has a gender mentoring program, through which women managers or women with a high level of responsibility for their role / position mentor young women with potential in order to facilitate their professional development. and their access to management positions. . In addition, DKV has the personal commitment of the CEO, Josep Santacreu, to encourage that at least 50% of the people who are part of DKV’s “transversal projects” are women.

DKV has been working and applying the concepts of flexibility, family behavior and equal opportunities for many years, with the aim of going further and working, implementing and integrating the concept of diversity into its culture.

Diversity and inclusion policies focus on prioritizing, supporting and promoting activities that educate employees to practice their inclusive culture, in which diversity, the mix of cultures, genders, races and models of coexistence are valued. Today, 870 employees of multiple nationalities and 5 different generations (veterans, baby boomers, generations X, Y and Z) work in the company.

The insurer adheres to the Diversity Charter and is an EFR company, a certification issued by the Ms Familia foundation which recognizes family businesses. It involves a management model guaranteeing continuous improvement in terms of reconciliation-equality-diversity.

This year, the DKV group was once again recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in Spain, which annually organizes Great Place to Work.

“One of the main assets that has led us to establish ourselves as one of the most popular companies is the sense of pride and commitment of our employees, the interest in taking care of our employees and reconciliation measures and diversity implemented. Close leadership, the good climate between colleagues and the care of the teams, are some of the proposals that we have promoted and which have made us a benchmark among companies with the best index of well-being at work in Spain ”, explains Juan Manuel Chicote, Director of the People Department at DKV.

Diversity due to disability is also one of the important points of the company that created 20 years ago the Fundacin Integralia DKV whose mission is the socio-professional inclusion of people with disabilities and chronic / degenerative diseases, with a priority on a high handicap and difficulties to join. in the labor market. The foundation has set up seven Special Employment Centers (EWCs) where it provides multi-channel contact center, digital marketing, consulting and training services. It was launched in 1999 and currently employs more than 500 people in 7 centers in Spain in addition to promoting international development cooperation programs in Colombia, Peru and India.

DKV understands that companies must go beyond economic benefits, by assuming their ethical, social and environmental responsibility towards society, through actions aimed at their stakeholders. As an insurance company, DKV strives to create a healthier world in the areas of health and the environment, childhood obesity, employment of people with disabilities and active aging.

In Spain, DKV is established throughout the country with a large network of offices and clinics, employing nearly 2,000 employees, serving nearly 2 million clients.

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